Streetfood in Alaminos- isaw!!


When i was young, the thought of eating intestines would make me puke. Now, it is something i look forward to every time i come back to the Philippines for a vacation. Isaw, as what we call it, is the barbecued intestine of chicken or pork and is an absolute yum. The best one i’ve had so far are the ones in Alaminos, along the street leading up to Lucap point- the place where you can get a good view of the hundred islands.
The chubby hubby has brought me to this place twice already and we plan to go as much as we can before we finally leave again in a few days.




Taking a break in The Phillipines

We are now back in the Philippines after 3 years and a lot has changed, some for the good and some for the not so good. Even though i have a lot of hangups about Manila, its pollution and the opportunists that abound in it, i couldnt help but feel a little happy to be back. My chubby hubby who is a born and bred ‘probinsyano’ (someone who has grown up in the province) has only been to Manila a few times so i was his navigator as we drove around the city’s narrow streets. We passed by my university campus several times and i proudly showed him the places where i use to waste my time between (or during?!) classes…
So much has changed…. The malls are bigger and so many news ones have gone up, the streets are narrower, the air filthier, the buildings older and more dilapitated, internet connection is slower and we are enjoying every minute of it.
We are however, spending more time in Alaminos, Pangasinan which is the province where the chubby hubby is from. It is a 4 hour drive (without traffic) from Manila. I actually love this place with the 100 islands a few minutes away by tricycle and the air a whole lot fresher. The people are simpler and there are actually no shopping malls. So no shopping for me.
We’re a week into our stay here and weve already done a lot. I still wont be able to post as often since i dont have a pc and we dont have great internet… But God’s been good and the mosquito bites havent infested our skin yet. Here’s to hoping they don’t.


We’re Moving Abroad- to DOHA! and what happened in the previous two weeks.

SURPRISE! We’re moving to Doha.

In less than a month, I am going to bid a permanent goodbye to the home I have known since 1990. The news hasn’t  sunk in yet. Most probably because my hormones are a whack at the moment and I am more sensitive to insignificant things rather than to the ones that matter. But the move has been in the works since December and was just finalized a few weeks ago. Our visas have been cancelled and we are now in Dubai under the one month grace period that goes with every cancellation.

There are so many things to do. I did some research on moving from Dubai to Doha. There isn’t much out there on the net but we are thankful that the chubby hubby’s new company provided some comprehensive information on the things we need to do. I am actually looking for a reliable cargo service that will bring a few boxes from here to Doha. I am definitely bringing my sewing machine and my silhouette. And my pens and my crafting supplies. Definitely.

I was in Doha in 2007 (or was it 2006?) and I fell in love with the fact that it is so much like Dubai in the 90s. Life is so much simpler. It is now more than 5 years since and I never thought we’d actually be moving there. I feel like I am going to give my kids the same atmosphere I grew up with…

The previous two weeks have been really busy. My childhood bestfriend from Florida came here for a week to visit, did two small concerts and launched her new album. So we were really busy, making up for lost time and preparing. She’s a gospel singer who trained in Berklee and is now a music therapist at Florida Hospital.

The concert was a success. I did some vocal backup for two of her songs during the concert. It felt wonderful to sing with her just like old times… just like when we were kids… :)

Beach, food and fun- Dubai Food Festival’s Beach Canteen

Last Wednesday, the chubby hubby and I were fortunate enough to witness the kick off to the Dubai Food Festival’s first ever Beach Canteen. The venue was at Kite Beach near the beach road which boasts of a clear view of the Burj al Arab.

The venue at kite beach. Dubai Food Festival Beach Canteen.

The beach canteen at Kite beach. Photo courtesy of used with permission

There are actually three beach canteen locations- Jumeirah 1 Open Beach, Kite Beach and Sunset Beach – and will be open from 27 February to Saturday, 8 March. Built from refurbished cargo containers, the Beach Canteen will serve up affordable fare daily from 16 restaurants across the Emirate.

When we got there and saw all the palatable possibilities, my pregnant heart did flip flops.

Salad from Saladicious at the Beach Canteen Dubai Food Festival

Salad from Saladicious

Coffee from Coffeol Dubai Food Festival Beach Canteen Kite Beach

From Coffeol

Caramel pudding from Hadoota Masreya at Kite Beach Dubai Food Festival Beach Canteen

Caramel pudding from Hadoota Masreya

Pizza from Giolitti Dubai Food Festival Kite Beach Beach Canteen

Chubby hubby happy with his pizza from Giolitti

Saladicious Pop up Beach Canteen Dubai Food Festival Kite Beach

Waiting for the hotdogs from Saladicious

Nutella pop from Saladicious Dubai Food Festival Kite Beach Beach Canteen

happy with my nutella pop from Saladicious

So if you are looking for a place to relax, hang out, PIG OUT, then head on out to the different venues of Dubai Food Festival’s Beach Canteens. Open Daily from 12 noon to 11 PM. They even have live music, table tennis and foozball!

Table tennis at the Beach Canteen in Kite Beach Dubai Food festival

Table tennis at the Beach Canteen in Kite Beach Dubai Food festival. pic from








Trying Out Pierre Herme Macarons for the first time- and my first and probably last vlog

I have passed by Pierre Hermé for several times now and have gawked at their macarons for a few minutes each time. I never really thought I’d buy one because the shop is inside La Fayette in Dubai Mall and everything inside that store is expensive and we are cheapskates most of the time so we just never thought of buying something expensive that can be gobbled up in seconds…

However the other day, while I was gawking yet again at their oh so good looking macarons, the foodie monsters inside me told me to ATLEAST BUY ONE! So I looked around, didn’t see the chubby hubby, took out my wallet and chose one BIG macaron from their shelves. The woman behind the counter thought I’d eat it there but I really wanted to take it home and savor each bite.

Pierre Hermé takeaway bag from La Fayette.

My Pierre Hermé takeaway bag… it looks so exquisite.

My baby girl had been sick all weekend and I have been preoccuppied with so many things that it took a few days after before I finally got the chance to try out the macaron. When I opened the box, it was still in perfect condition. Although some of the filling has melted into the tissue, everything still looked as impeccable as it did when I first bought it. I just had to sigh and smile to myself.

Pierre Herme packaging- the closed box and the tissue

the packaging

While I was taking a picture of the packaging, Aria was trying to get in on the action.

Aria trying to get a hold of my Pierre Herme box

Aria: Ma, is this for me? Mama: Nope babe, its for me

I took a video of me eating it, thought it would be a funny segment of me eating stuff for the first time. So before anybody starts commenting about the fat girl in the video, I have to say I have already started to gain a few pounds which I blame on the baby growing inside me…

Pierre Herme Macaron in hazelnut praline

Why hello there my beautiful friend? Ooh lala!

An announcement

I just recently found out that I was expecting and we welcomed the news with open arms. Although I had the strong feeling that I really was pregnant, I had to check twice before making the announcement.

The chubby hubby, although excited with the prospect of having another male (hoping that it’s a boy) in the house, wanted to be absolutely sure so he made me pee on a stick twice- one on a cheap brand and another on a little more expensive brand. When the results came out positive the second time, he asked me, “did you read the instructions for this one? It might mean the oposite. Two lines might mean you’re not pregnant.”

Told him that I know my pregnancy tests and I know when I really am pregnant. But I made him read the instructions himself and then he laughed and gave me and Aria a hug.

When I made the announcement by posting the picture of the pregnancy test result on facebook, and probably got the most likes of all the pictures I posted, I thought of how peculiar it is when you really think about it. My most popular FB post is a picture of a stick I just peed on.