House updates

I wouldn’t really call our house a house… more like a room. But its bigger than most flats (studio and one bedroom apartments) I have seen in Dubai. If this room was available in Dubai, they would have partitioned it to four rooms, each room having 2-3 people in it. So I guess I can refer to it as a house.

Our room/house is coming along. NO painting has been done yet since I really needed to tackle the badly installed, old, peeling wallpaper. I had already talked to a freelance contractor to get it removed and painted and he has already surveyed the work and given me a price. But the day we both agreed that he start working, he didn’t show up. What a douche! Anyway, I just found him online and called him. I guess it really is better to find someone recommended by a friend. The problem is, I don’t have much of a network here. I really should get out more.

SO here are some pics of the room with the furniture we bought (mostly from Ikea). I have so much storage space now that I really miss my crap back home. I miss bookcases full of books and cabinets full of my art and craft stuff. Now, I can’t even fill up one shelf with the books that I have left. I am itching to go and buy some new ones, but I have plenty of ebooks at the moment that I want to finish. So I am putting that off for now.

I took pics from all four sides of the room so that all angles are visible.

house update 1

From the angle facing the door.

We arranged the TV/sofa lounging area as soon as you enter the room. The chubby hubby wanted a leather sofa but was too cheap to buy the real one so we get the faux leather one from Ikea. I wanted a corner sofabed to prepare for when we have family coming over in a few months when I give birth. But ofcourse, he was the one spending so he got his way. The sofa is pretty sleek with its contemporary lines. I didn’t want something bulky and masculine looking. If I had my way I would have bought the stockholm leather sofa from Ikea. That was really pretty.

We covered the houseshaped mirror with the TV cabinet/shelf. That was an ugly shaped mirror. Then we placed the dining table near the window.

house update 2

The window side of the room

We used the freestanding wardrobe as a divider to block the sleeping area from view when you open the door. What sucks is the backside is unfinished. I am planning to paint it or cover it with those vinyl rolls that you can buy from Ace hardware (no ace hardware here yet so I guess it will take me 10 years to find a shop that sells those vinyl rolls and another 2 to finish the job).

The door beside the entrance is actually a door to the adjoining room. Ofcourse we never open it and I am also planning to cover that up with three big canvasses on top of one another. Or maybe get a custom made frame and cover with fabric. I give this project about 3 years to finish.


house update

The side beside the door facing the window

My study table is sandwiched between the dining area and Aria’s play area, although we cannot really contain where she would like to spread out the very few toys she owns. The curtains are courtesy of the previous tenant and although fuchsia isn’t really my color, I would have to do with it for now until I decide on a pair from Ikea (probably). I love this study table from Ikea with the pull out return. Although my desk is quite bare, with just the essentials on top of it (i miss my clutter), I still want to imagine that I will be busy with crafting and sewing and being creative with my hands one of these days. Beside it is my ‘oh too bare’ bookshelf. le sigh.

house update 4

the view from the side of the door

My walls really need some art. I miss my frames. Aria likes to watch her shows (actually just one particular episode from Hi-5) from everywhere- the sofa, her Poang chair from Ikea, the dining table, the study table, the tent, her green chair, the bed… its fun being a kid. While we were in Ikea, the chubby hubby asked me why I haven’t bought any frames yet to decorate the room. I wanted to but deep inside I knew just needed to deal with the walls first…

So there is my house tour. Thought it would take me while to get this post done. But I finally did it. Yay to me!


Not much happening here in Doha and other things

I have to admit, I am living a pretty quiet life. Although my days are filled with laundry, housework and playtime with the kiddo/s (that includes pretend eating with Aria and rubbing my tummy to bond with the baby) I haven’t done anything interesting lately. So far, the highlight of my stay in Doha is the furniture shopping (in Ikea of course) and finally getting a nespresso (ordering one was such a breeze!). Aria was also sick the week before and this week, I was the one with the asthma so that was two weeks of staying indoors and pretty much doing nothing. It’s also Ramadhan and too wicked hot outside to go out during the day…

Nespresoo U milk Doha

One of the highlights of my stay- my nespresso u milk

Oh and we found out we are having a boy!

I am now 29 weeks along and getting heavier. I do need to start dieting after the bub comes out of the belly. I was looking around for exercise classes I could take near our house so that I could start as soon as I give birth.So many things to discover here and I am doing such a slack job at the discovering thing.

The chubby hubby and I are trying out a green smoothie routine and we are already in the fourth day. However, we ran out of greens today so we didn’t get to drink our ‘green’ smoothie. Aria loves them and tries to steal a sip or two from our drinks. Oh well, atleast she gets a good amount of greens into her system. All of the recipes I used are a result of rummaging through whatever we have in the fridge. Just chopped them all up and separated them into sandwich bags and hoped they taste good. I have had success with all of the mixtures and we haven’t had any smoothie that made us want to gag yet. Yay to us!

Our green smoothie the other day- spinach, bananas and ripe mangoes

Our green smoothie the other day- spinach, bananas and ripe mangoes

I’ll probably share my green smoothie recipes one of these days… when I’m not too busy rubbing my belly. lol

Sushi Platinum platter at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

What I noticed about most of the sushi places near the Nasser area is that they are fused with Korean food. I love Korean food and I also love sushi so that fact is actually a super plus for me.

When we went for our gelato date the other night, I saw Yee Hwa in the same building as FLOR gelato. The chubby hubby immediately bragged about having eaten there when we weren’t here yet and how much he enjoyed the big bento boxes. The pregnant woman, namely ME, did not want to be one-upped by the hubby so I immediately made a fuss about how he needed to bring us there or I will throw a tantrum.

So the other night, we decided to go and have a platter of sushi at said restaurant.

Chubby Hubby and Aria on the way to Doha Downtown

On our way to Doha Downtown

I didn’t really look much into the interiors since the place was quite packed when we got there. I thought that must be a good sign because it means the place is popular hopefully because of the food. We were given a table near the door but it was not in the way of most of the people coming in. They offered a good selection of Korean and Japanese food but since we weren’t that hungry I opted (yes I was the one making the decisions that night) for a sushi platter, a pot of green tea and a glass of green milk tea for Aria.

Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

Deciding what to get on the menu from Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

Deciding what to get on the menu

The chubby hubby and I liked the practice of the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese where they drink a hot pot of tea with their meal. This is actually something he learned while on our 2011 trip to China.

I love that even though we didn’t order any Korean food, we still got free Banchan dishes and I devoured the kimchi immediately. :p

Banchan Dishes with our green tea at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

Banchan Dishes with our green tea

The sushi arrived a few minutes after and it was really good. I loved the california maki rolls since it had both avocado and mango in it. The iced green milk tea was also pretty good, however I did not get to take a picture. I think it tasted like it had macha in it which gave it that distinct flavor from the usual green tea.

Platinum Sushi platter at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

Our Sushi Platter

California Maki from Yee Hwa, Downtown Doha

California Maki

The prices are quite reasonable compared to most restaurants associated with hotels. But it is not cheap if you really think about it. But I do believe you get your money’s worth. We are planning to come back on their ‘all you can eat sushi night’ or one of their Korean BBQ nights sometime soon.

Yee Hwa
Doha Downtown Hotel, Al Nasser, Doha

The Gelato place just around the corner- FLOR Gelato Italiano

Our first few evenings in Doha consisted of walking around the neighborhood. It was surprising to see that the place we are staying in is just a stone’s throw away from a lot of eating establishments. One hot and humid evening, the pregnant woman, also known as ME, wanted something cold so the chubby hubby brought us to a gelato place a block away from the house.

If you have been reading my blog or if you know me personally, you know i love sweet things, especially ice cream. I was actually craving for some froyo but we didn’t have a car during our first few weeks so we had to resolve to walking and hailing cabs to get around during that time. But I was glad I got to try FLOR gelato because the taste was SO authentic and I had no qualms once the guy behind the counter offered us a free taste.

Flor-Gelato-Downtown Doha

left: The branch at Doha Downtown, right: the difference between artisan gelato and ice cream

I didn’t know they had this brand in Dubai, but it was located in Aquaventure Atlantis, and I’ve only been there less than 5 times. They are an artisanal gelato and use only fresh milk, cream and natural ingredients. Like I said we got a lot of free taste (happy pregnant woman here), and I had a hard time choosing which flavors I wanted to get. One notable flavor was the melon, which really tasted like sweet fresh melons perfect for the hot summer.

Flor Gelato Italiano Doha

Ordering at the counter

Flor-Gelato-Downtown Doha

Chubby hubby: what should i get?, Aria: Ma, I think I need two spoons for this.

Since I was looking for something sour (froyo sour) I ordered a mixture of pomegranate and tiramisu. Perfect balance of sweet and sour. The chubby hubby ordered the melon and pistachio. Aria just ate from both our orders.

Flor Gelato Italiano Doha

Pomegranate almost finished in this pic

Flor Gelato Italiano Doha

Enjoying our gelatos

Aria's faces of Flor-Gelato-Downtown Doha

Aria’s different faces of Gelato

Flor Gelato Italiano
Doha Dowtown Hotel, Al Nasser, Doha

Jollibee in Doha! Now its time for that burger steak

Ready to order at Jollibee Doha

Ready to order

One of the things the chubby hubby was really excited about when we arrived was when he would be able to take us to Jollibee Doha. During our last vacation, I ate at Jollibee almost everyday and I ordered only one thing- their two piece burger steak. There really isn’t anything VERY special about their burger steak. It is just two burger patties with mushroom gravy but I LOVE IT! I blame the baby in my tummy.

If you have never heard about Jollibee, it is the most popular fastfood chain in the Philippines. More popular than Mcdonalds. I think Jollibee is one of the things Filipinos are very nationalistic about.

mcdo jollibee meme

photo taken from

There are three branches in Qatar (and Dubai is still taking time to get one!). They have one in Al Khor which is a 45 minute drive away, Al Meera and Al Rayyan. I still have no idea which one we went to but I know it is less than a 10 minute drive from our place. And I do know now the address where we live! pat on the back to me!

Jollibee Doha

Hello Jollibee!

I ordered my burgersteak with spaghetti and chubby hubby ordered his with palabok. I love that they have coke floats here! happyness! I didn’t bother taking pics of my food since all I really wanted to do was sink my teeth into that burgersteak. Aria was equally happy sharing my spaghetti with me. I also ordered a yum burger.

My verdict- The food is pretty similar to the ones they serve in the Philippines. I think it has to do with the cooking oil that they use. I loved my yum. I thought it was better than the ones back in the Philippines. The cheese was oozing unlike the ones in Manila where you actually have to ask where did the cheese go? The spaghetti was less sweet, and that was exactly how I wanted it.

Yum burger oozing with cheese

Cheese oozing out of my yum burger… ooh lala!

Aria and jollibee

Aria waiting for us to say our prayers before eating

On another evening, the chubby hubby bought a bucket of chickenjoy and what we got was slightly overcooked. That disappointed us a bit. However, I would still like another try of that burger steak before I make a final verdict… Maybe tonight?

My first encounter with Turkish Shawarma

The first time I had Turkish food was at Mado in Dubai Financial Center where I use to work and I was hooked. I love the taste and its loaded with carbs so you get filled up fast.

What I noticed about most areas in Doha is the abundance of Turkish food. There are so many Turkish cafeterias in all of the places we have driven to and one evening the hubby got us to try some of their shawarma. I don’t think Mado serve it so I was intrigued with what made it different from the regular shawarma I usually had.

Chtoura Restaurant in Doha

Chtoura Restaurant… and they also serve Filipino food!

When our order arrived, the shawarma was around 14 inches long! The chubby hubby laughed when I asked him if I could finish it… but I did finish it with Aria’s help… and ofcourse, with the help of the baby in my tummy. :)

Turkish shawarma

Big ass shawarma wrapped in foil

Aria trying to get the shawarma from my hands

Aria trying to get the shawarma from my hands

The sauce had tomato in it, unlike most of the shawarmas I have tried in Dubai. The chubby hubby surprisingly didn’t finish his. We put him to shame.

Aria;s big bite

Aria and her big bite

The dilemma that is our wallpaper

As I mentioned in my previous post, we occupy a room in an old villa, in a place I still don’t know the name, in Doha. The room is actually a lot bigger than our previous accommodations- twice as big as the last one and around 1.5 times the studio apartment. It does require a lot of work and one of the main things that I really want to get fixed is the old wallpaper that adorns our walls.

one of the sides of the room

A view of one of the sides of the room.

The pattern is a little outdated (for my taste) and the edges are peeling. The chubby hubby tried to fix it up before we arrived with rugby of all things. Now there are brownish marks where some of the edges were peeling off.

a closer look at the rugby marks and the old design

a closer look at the rugby marks and the old design

House shaped mirror

A weird shaped mirror

There is also this house-shaped mirror on one side whose sides are not actually perfectly parallel. I would really really like to remove it, but I am thinking of just covering it up with a fabric panel or something.

I was initially planning to remove the wallpaper myself, but I am now in my last trimester and the baby is getting bigger and bigger and I am getting bigger and bigger. Looking to hire someone to get it professionally done. I am looking at a really light shade of gray with white edges to paint the entire room with.

Natures gray kitchen by Pure Home

Natures gray kitchen by Pure Home taken from

Something like the above photo, or lighter. But it looks really homey.

I’ll keep everyone updated with this project. Hopefully, Ill get this done before the baby comes.

Retro AC controller

How retro is this? The controller of our AC looks like it came from a long way back.