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Free Workshops at the Museum of Islamic Art Doha

Last Saturday when we visited the museum for the first time, Aria went to listen to her first story time outside the home and the church and I was surprised how behaved my little girl was. She sat there and got up only a few times. She listened to the lady telling the story. However, I did realize that we need to work on her social skills since she seems standoffish most of the time because when ever someone asks her anything, she just stares at them.

Storytelling time at the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Story telling time. Aria is the one in the black shirt.

The Museum of Islamic Art hosted that event just last Saturday and the next one is going to be on the 11th of April. After that session, the kids had some arts and crafts. I was excited to accompany Aria to the workshop.

More kids at the story time in Museum of Islamic Art Doha
The kids at story time
Aria at the workshop at the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Aria at the workshop

The kids were going to make pop up cards of the animals from story time. I was right beside Aria during the entire workshop, doing most of the art work. lol

Aria and scissors at the workshop at the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Ooooh scissors!!!
Aria and crayons at the workshop at the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Ooooh Crayons!
Aria's pop up card of a red bird at the kid's workshop at Museum of Islamic Art Qatar
Tweet tweet tweet!
Aria's pop up card of a red bird at the kid's workshop at Museum of Islamic Art QatarZxxxa
Aria’s pop up card of a red bird. Guess who did most of the work?

It’s the perfect weekend activity for the kids! Planning to attend more of their workshops, and another plus is that it is FREE! They also have a lot of workshops for adults. You can head on to their website here for more details.


Working on my buzz card- DIY BUSINESS CARD

I knew I needed to work on my business card since I was already serious about expanding my blog. I didn’t want to get some printed professionally though since I might keep changing the face of my blog a lot until I settle down in my dot com. So when the time was necessary to have my business cards, I then decided to go the DIY route. I didn’t want to go and buy any more materials and just used what I had with me. I ended up using scrapbook paper I bought on sale at Pretty Paper Studio. I then cut that up into business card sizes.

I wanted my blog header and my business card to match so I redid my page to what it is today.

Stuff by Rhey header
my new header

And used the same font for my business card header with my details. I printed that on sticker paper and stuck it to onto my scrapbook paper.

Scrapbook paper cut into business card sizes
The back side of my buzz card

Oh please ignore the nailpolish!

scrapbook paper business card
The front of my buzz card with my details

What I love about the effect is that I have colorful prints on both sides! It is just soo me!

Happy New Year friends!

I had no idea how I’d write my last post for 2013. I suck at summarizing. But here is my 2013 in a nutshell…


went crazy upcycling old jars

Got my replacement Silhouette Cameo… after a LOONG time! Thank you so much Silhouette America!
Adjusting to the whole motherhood thing was hard. Babies are really a handful!


How about letters for decorations?

My dad left Dubai for good.
Started with handlettering.

Won a dozen cupcakes from maison sucre
Helped my friend make her bridesmaids card


Peanut butter cream cake

Eraserheads gave a major concert here but I didn’t get to watch
Got hooked on Candy crush

Got to taste Jeff de Bruges for the first time
Husband decides to move to a ‘closetless’ room in Satwa

Broke my laptop. 😦

Still without a computer


my first successful tiramisu

Mom buys me a laptop.
Discovered the biggest pizza in Dubai!



Found success with CHEESECAKE!
Found a(n effective) working solution for our closet dilemma
Made matching dresses for me and Aria


Ground beef with beans and kangkong

Got a temp job for a month.
Dissapointed with my birthday Macarons from Knightsbridge café
Had my first kaya toast at Ya kun in Ibn Battuta with foodies and bloggers


the beautiful lamb chops from Bennigans

Haiyan (Yolanda) hits the Philippines and we all do as much as we can in every way we can
We remember Aria’s birth exactly a year after.
Got extended till April at work.

Aria’s first birthday party.

Hoping for a busier and more productive 2014! Happy New Year friends!

Scrapping on a budget

I have always wanted to scrapbook. Seeing all those cute little stuff layed out on paper stirs the small creative monster sleeping inside of me. Not that it really wakes up full blast. As a matter of fact, my monster is still asleep, dreaming of cute little stuff layed out on paper.

my sleeping monster

I have been seeing a lot of scrapbook journals layed out in little pockets. I thought to myself that might be easier to start with and started to look around for those journals with small pockets. I found out that they cost more than AED 100 for an album (the folder and pockets together). Knowing that I have the ‘ningas kugon’ mentality instilled in me (a Filipino term which stands for always excited in the beginning but loses interest in the end) for most things, I wanted to find a budget friendly solution to my ‘itch’.

I passed by MUJI the other day and was immediately attracted to their stationery area. I saw these folder for business cards that cost AED 7. I thought I’d try to work with that for now until maybe when the phase ‘I am so good I could go pro’ happens, I can afford to buy all these expensive scrapbooking things.

For now, I am conceptualizing a plan to make my own paper cut-outs and all those stuff to go on my scrapbooks. Here is my list of things to do (or things to never do).
– Make business card size journal cards in white and black cardstock (3.5 x 2)

– Cut out letters on colorful cardstock with my silhouette

– Print photos in business card size- I have a photo printer so printing little quantities is not a problem.

– Cut small shapes on my silhouette/ punchers

– Think of themes

Things I need to buy (which I will probably buy at the soonest and never get to use)
– Heart shaped puncher from Daiso

– Colored cardstock

– Glitter pens/opaque pens

– Buy those cardstock pads with pretty prints from prettypaperstudiouae that are on sale!

I love planning but I always underestimate the amount of things that needs to be done. Anyway, I have no plans to make big scrapbooking layout. All I want is that I do not end up with a ‘crap’book.

DIY Simple Drop Earrings

I have been making most of my accessories since I can not remember and have accumulated quite a lot of materials. I wanted to share how to make your simple dangling earrings and what basic tools you need.

Putting together your earrings is like putting together lego bricks. You just need the right elements and the right tools. I bought my tools on ebay.

tools: red – long nose, peach/orange-flat nose, purple- round nose, green- flush cutter

There are a lot more other tools you can use but these are the very basic.

more beads and wire elements

I bought most of my materials from the Philippines. But they are also available here in Satwa and in Naif.

Here are the basic elements you can use for a simple drop earring.

You need- Earring hooks, jump rings, flathead pins, beads (i used glass beads for this).

First, we assemble the ‘drop’. We take the flat head pin then inserted the glass bead. I used a metal flower cap to add more details. We closed the pin by making a round shape using the round nose pliers then cut off the excess. Then you just put it together with the hook.

You can add more bead elements to make it longer. Use the pin, remove the head and insert the bead. Make round rings at both ends.

Happy beading!!

“Will you be my bridesmaid” card

I think I already shared a few posts back that I am helping a friend of mine organize her wedding. Though I am not the official organizer (and I don’t want to be), I love helping out with wedding planning. Makes me want to get married again.

I volunteered to help out with all the craft stuff (cards, invites, etc) and we started with the bridesmaid cards. The bride wanted to make a watercolor card with the words “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on it and found this tutorial from glamour and grace.

from glamour and grace blog

I found it hard to mask the words though and I couldn’t find any wax based color pencil. Using a crayon made it look like a 12 year old did it so I opted to just ink the words in because we were running out of time.

Here is what we ended up with.

the final card
mass production mode
the engaged couple

My friends worked on the watercoloring and I had to do the lettering.

bubble tea and custard filled fishshaped cake from sharetea

Everytime I help people out, I am always rewarded with food. Sometimes, I help people out just so I get rewarded with food… no not really, I just love helping.

Decorative Letter DIY

I have always wanted to have decorative letters/words on my walls. I’ve seen this decoration going around pinterest lately and when Elsie finally posted a tutorial on  I knew my tutorial was long overdue.

I decided to make a letter A for Aria to add to her ever growing presence in our little studio. Unlike‘s version, I wanted something more permanent, but equally easy.

I used foam board, felt for backing (you can use scrap flannel or wadding or nothing at all), scrap fabric and a staple gun.

extra scrap of foam board leftover from the wreath project

Choose the font you would like to use. I just made a random serif font. But if you want to be more precise, you can print out your letter from the computer. Trace it out on to your foam board and cut it out.

Once cut, it is now time to “upholster” your letter. I used felt as an initial layer to have a bit of foam. I secured the felt using a staple gun. Then I covered the letter with the fabric using the same method.

Here is the ugly view from the back.
A is for love