Hi I’m Rhey

STUFF by rhey is a lifestyle blog about the things I love which includes photography, travel, crafts, a good bargain and lots of food.

stuff about me

I love photography, cooking, crafts, design (graphic, arts, interiors, web, fashion) and travel. This blog is pretty much a collage of all those things.

I met the love of my life in 2007. He wasn’t the love of my life back then and I seriously thought he had really bad fashion sense when I first met him. But things change, always for the good, and our nights of playing table tennis and not uttering a word to one another paid off. And here I am now, not able to imagine a day without him.

Grew up in Dubai and Manila. Survived Dubai for 24 years and now making my life in Doha.

happy us!

If you’d like to get in touch please do! – rachel.nazaret@gmail.com


18 Replies to “Hi I’m Rhey”

  1. A ton of people just came and visited my blog because of Opinionated Man, and so far your blog/personality is my favourite. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by–hope you’ll come again!


  2. hi Rhey, thank you for liking a post i made of my son … visited you here and read a heart-warming story about yourself. our lineage is one that is kind and resilient … mabuhay and Pinoy, i am following you 🙂 — April


    1. I had an accident two years ago… i tore my achilles tendon during volleyball. couldn’t walk properly and we had a trip coming up. we didnt want to cancel it so we bought a wheel chair to travel. lol


  3. As always, I love stopping by at your page and read. I remember the blogdrive days. lol. and even if we haven’t met yet personally, I just knew that you are cool to hang out with. … even if you are not living in one of those villas. lol … I still owe you a Garrett popcorn 🙂 .. I am back to blogging and of course, added you in my blog roll 😀 Keep safe, Rhey! 🙂

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