Aria’s birth in pictures… more baby talk

And my daughter is actually 1 today… at precisely 11 AM. I am so blessed!

STUFF by rhey

I can’t believe that Monday has already been a week since I gave birth. Time flies when you are distracted. I know I do not want to be the mom who posts about her children constantly, I already made that clear with an FB stat that I recently posted (FB statuses are now official venting boards). However, I am still a mom- a proud one at that. Can’t help it because it took 9 months of waiting and sleepless nights and controlling your food that I finally see the human being that was growing inside of me.


I was writing Aria’s birth story in her baby book and I started crying again. Postpartum? But I wasn’t depressed. I knew I was happy.


My official photographer for this day was DH, who I prepped intensely starting a few weeks before DDay. He did a good job right?

Thought I’d…

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