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Book Crazy at the recent 25th International Doha Book Fair

The one thing I always watch out for are good bargains. So when a few friends and I decided to check out the recent book fair at the humongous Qatar National Convention Center, I didn’t want to go home empty handed but at the same time, I didn’t want to spend a fortune.

When we arrived and started checking out everything in store, most of the books on display and on sale were in Arabic. How I wished I could understand the language. I could only read but not understand. I bet there were a million bargain books in Arabic that day.

I was drawn to the stalls set up by the different embassies. Looked through the books on display at the French embassy and wanted to buy one even though I only understood the first word of each sentence- Je, Tu, Il, Elle, Nous, Vous, Ils, Elles… Fortunately, I stumbled upon the books on sale at the US embassy and found a few very affordable gems that I couldn’t pass up on. However, they weren’t books for me. They were children’s books. Books for my babies.

If there was something I wanted my kids to take after me, I would want them to love reading like I do. So I didn’t think twice and at the prices they were being sold (25 QAR – or even less – each for hardbound books), i had to snatch them up before someone else did. My favorite is the 50th Anniversary Edition of ‘The Giving Tree’, a story I really loved as a child.

book fair bargain finds at the 25th International Doha Book Fair
Aria’s book fair bargain finds.

I am looking forward to more books at the book fair next year. Hopefully, more books for me. Or not. Whatever. 🙂


2 books in 3 weeks- the joy of reading

Reading more has always been one resolution I make every year. There was one particular year (maybe 2011 or 2012) when I promised to read a book per month, and I only got as far as 6 books. Paperbacks were pretty heavy on my pocket (no work, no money, big problem) so I resolved to borrow the books I read. However, not a lot of my friends (the ones in the vicinity) read and there are not a lot of resources to borrow books from.

2014 came and I made the same resolution again. Big thanks to a new friend who reads books, I started with a bang! I just finished two books in 3 weeks which is a WOW for me, seeing that I don’t have enough time to do anything anymore. But I found that I can read while walking, while on the train and even during lunch break at work! Sometimes I read when I’m breastfeeding or whenever I put my daughter to sleep (without tranquilizers), but she gets really curious and starts hitting the book in my hand to get my attention. Frank has also joined me in the resolution and reading is now a big part of our daily life.

I highly recommend the books I read especially to the really busy people who just wants to read something light. Although the second one is a little too tragic, it still is a pretty good book.

1) The Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed

The throne of the crescent moon, one of the best fantasy books I have read so far
“One can only know as much as one has lived to know, though it is certainly possible to learn a great deal less than this.” – Saladin Ahmed. photo from

I have read a lot of fantasy books- Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, the Enchanted Tree series, etc- so this certainly piqued my interest when I first read about it in infinitefreetime’s list of the books she read in 2013. If you are like me, it is a must must read. My favorite bits were the ones between the Dervish and the tribeswoman- I believe a lot of us can relate to that love story.

2) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in our stars by John Green- about cancer and dying and teenage love
okay… okay. photo from wikipedia

This was a pretty smooth read. My friend who lent me the book was raving about it for a long time so I thought I had to borrow it. I didn’t cry buckets though like she did. But my tears were constantly flowing during the last pages of the book. I love it when books move me. My favorite part was when they finally meet the author of their favorite book (flying all the way from Indiana to Amsterdam) only to find out that he is an a**wipe.

This isn’t much of a book review as I suck at doing those. I am just marvelling at how great it feels to read again! I plan to pretty much read myself through the books in infinitefreetime’s list. But if you have other recommendations, PLEASE feel free to give them to me!