Making things work

I just recently finished reading the book ‘sustainable creativity’ by Michael Nobbs. And as I read about how he constantly tried to find the perfect tools to get anything done and ending up consuming a lot of time and sometimes getting nothing done, i was struck with the realization that that is exactly me. I remember days when i would keep spend hours trying to find a nice layout for my blog and ending up not blogging at all.i have learned that the best solution is to keep things simple… Even if I don’t have a laptop right now, I will blog with my iPad. There might not be epictures, but Atleast I’m writing…

My mantra for 2012 is – Spread thepositive vibes and Make everyday matter. Enough with the pessimism and do something that I love everyday. It may be to spend time sketching, or writing a post for this blog, or taking photos… Maybe pick up my guitar and learn a new song… Or my violin… I don’tnecessarily need to do all of them, but Atleast one…


i love facetime

Ipads purchased in the UAE has blocked the app FACETIME. But fortunately, my dad purchased his IPAD from the states and we were able to spend some time online with my brother during Christmas who is living in Singapore.

We even got the chance to have a family pic together :).

facetime with bro
facetime with my bro... FAMILY PIC!

we miss being complete…