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Locked out for a while…

i lost my password to this blog when I got back from vacation last year. its been almost 6 months! I tried starting a new blog at rachelscribbler.wordpress.com but ofcourse, as usual, I did not get to post much. I have ventured into deep motherhood mode with Aria starting nursery and a new bub on the way. My OB Gyne asked me if I was serious that I wanted four kids after watching Aria and Marcus trashing her office. I just laughed it out. But the chubhub gave me the serious talk about this being the last kid.

I don’t know. I still feel incomplete. I want four. But who knows? My heart might change after another year of sleepless nights and losing more of my sanity.



The kind of cruelty that the weather brings- and a baby in pink tiger stripes

Winter in the desert was always my favorite season. Not only can I wear scarves or shawls without sweating buckets, I can also wear those fashionable coats when going out without looking stupid. And hats. who doesn’t like having an excuse to wear hats?

The weather also brings stuffy noses, migraines from the cold, cough and the seasonal flu. My daughter and I have been bitten by the flu bug. Yes, us tropical people have tropical blood and the slight change of temperature will light our noses up like Rudolph on a snowy night. My husband keeps complaining about sinusitis, a constant excuse he uses to get out of housework. oh yes, the weather also brings another anomaly- the cranky husband!

You know im kidding right? (a disclaimer in case Frank gets to read this)

But even the cold weather can’t stop babies from being cute. Even with a runny nose, my Aria and her cute (and donated) outfits just light up my day.

baby outfit of the night, pink tiger striped onesie
Aria’s outfit for one evening… reminds me so much of Tiggr (but in pink). Even I want a onesie!

And my daughter just started walking…

 Aria baby in green shirt from Max and striped pajamas from Carter's

I have been pushing Aria to get up her butt and start walking without assistance. I think she gets the laziness from her dad and the fear of failure from me which is why every time we let go of her hand she sits down and looks at us as if saying ‘what?!’ So yesterday while I was giving piano lessons to one of my students I was so surprised when she got up from where she was plopped down and started walking.

I started cheering and laughing and I swooped down to pick her up and give her a kiss. My student started clapping too. The next five minutes involved prodding Aria to walk again so that I could catch it on video. And she did again, without hesitation, with her arms thrust forward to the air in front of her. And she swayed like a zombie. A giggling giddy baby zombie.

My baby’s growing up. The next thing I know she’ll be dressing up for her first day at school. Maybe it’s time for baby number 2…

Aria’s outfit of the random day

I am running out of things to post about. A job really gets in the way of fun activities, crafting and blogging… 🙂

Anyway, one of Aria’s godmothers who works in the fashion biz told me of the lack of bloggers for kids fashion here in Dubai. I am not a fashionista and I don’t think I dress up my baby booger well at all. But I take so many pics of her that it might be a pretty neat idea to start posting the stuff she gets to wear.

Most of the clothes she owns are gifts.I have only bought her a few items of clothing, most of them essentials. For most of her first year, she wore a lot of hand me downs. But during her first birthday, because she had a polka dot theme, she got a lot of polka dotted dresses, which i thought was cute.

Last saturday, I got her to stand up and pose for me. I took pics with my ipad while she cried and begged me to pick her up.

Shirt from joe fresh, shorts from carters, stockings from mothercare and shoes from babyshop.

We would like to give a shout out to all the sponsors of Aria’s outfit of the random day. Because of your generosity, her mom (namely me) didn’t have to spend gazillions on clothes.


The one about the Baby proofing

Maaaan, I am a bad parent… I want to blame my husband too so let me rephrase that- WE are bad parents. We haven’t done any baby proofing in our room and Aria has started walking (with a lot of assistance) and standing up, and opening doors and drawers and pulling stuff that she can get her hands on.

I let her crawl on the floor for she has fallen from the bed one time… We both spent a good few hours crying together – me with my guilt and my shame and the pain I want to feel for my daughter and Aria with her shame and embarrassment and I guess pain too… We both had the nicest nap after that. I called my mom right after she fell and when she didn’t pick up, I called my sister in law. She told me that it was normal… Kids fall, ALL THE TIME. She told me her kids fell all of the time too. I thought about my niece and my nephew and tried to think about anything abnormal about them… But I still tried to call my mom. She told me as long as there was no vomiting and no nausea and all that stuff, Aria would be fine. She didn’t have any bumps on her head, so I thought her cries must be more of embarrassment.

When she crawls on the floor she pulls on all the drawers. The other day me and Frank were just talking and we heard something falling and screaming. I saw Aria with the shoe boxes (the Ikea plastic ones) fallen on top of her and I rushed to immediately remove the pile. It wasn’t that heavy, but I was worried that she would have bumped her head on the floor.

happiness from pulling

After that, I thought I really needed to do some baby proofing… so far this is what I have come up with.

masking tape!!!


Summer afternoons with the bub

It gets so hot in Dubai that it is always tempting to keep the AC on the entire day. However if you do do that, the electricity bill would go up and then you’d end up spending your extra money just to pay the bill. So Aria and I, we hang out in the kitchen- putting on as little clothing as possible without being indecent and drinking ice cold beverages and eating crackers. Yeap, that’s what we do most afternoons before I start cooking dinner until Frank gets home.

its too darn hot ma! i had to lose the shirt!
enjoying my drink… this is not a flattering pic
mama you want a piece of my cracker?
i dont mind sharing especially with you
its soo good!
did i eat it all?
ooh yay! more crackers!

Father and daughter

DH deserves Aria’s adoration

Since Aria was born, we have never not even once bought her any piece of clothing. Most of her stuff were gifts during my baby shower and hand me downs from her cousin who is 3 months older than her. I don’t have problems with hand me downs because babies grow up really fast anyway, and I like free stuff. (insert big fat grin here) However, most of my daughter’s onesies have “i love mommy” written on it even the ones from her cousin so when we stumbled upon some “team daddy” onesies, I knew I had to go and buy them.

Aria is very much attached to me because we spend 24 hours stuck to one another. Although she sleeps in her crib, she spends most of her waking time beside me and DH gets jealous when he’s trying to bond with her and all she’s looking at is my beautiful face… yes you read that right- my beautiful face.

Last Thursday, when DH got home a little early and started spending time with the bub, I whipped out my camera and took pictures.

aria: mama!
aria: papa wants to snuggle
laughing with her dad

yeah… those are socks on her hands…

really liked this shot
papa!! stop playing candy crush!

I post process most of my photos in Adobe Lightroom. I really like this preset that I started adding to my photos. It is called Color Creative- Color CP 2.