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Garrets Popcorn: One of the things I miss about Dubai

I have been living in Doha for over a year now and we have pretty much settled in. The kids are regulars at the play area at the McDonalds near our place and also at the Pediatric Emergency Unit of Hamad Hospital which is also near our place. I have to add though that being a regular at McD’s and the emergency unit is no way related. My kids are usually sick because of the bad weather and some virus that’s going around. So don’t troll me Please!

Anyway, as much as I love Doha, there are certain things you can’t find here that are accessible in my previous home which is Dubai. And the number one item on that long list is Garrets popcorn.

Oh how I missed my bag of Garrets! So when Chubb Hubb went to Dubai for the Eid, I made sure he got me a bag. And it was such a pleasant surprise when he came back with TWO BUCKETS!!! My brother sent me one and two of my really good friends sent me one. WOOHOO! This mommy just did imaginary cartwheels.

Pecan Caramel Crisp from Garrets
Pecan Caramel Crisp from Garrets

So the bucket of Chicago mix was the first to go and now the Caramel Crisp is also almost over… I think it’s about time I find out who will be traveling to Dubai so that I can secure some space in their luggage for my bucket of Garrets…

Chicago Mix from Garrets
Garret Mix

No Bake Layered Nutella Cheesecake

Since I have been on a cooking high the past few months, I was also doing a lot of desserts- from perfecting my cheesecake (still a LOOOONG way to go) and making my own ice cream.

This no bake cheesecake with a layer of nutella and oreo crust was a total goner the minute I served it.

My kids are going to be fat.

Happy and fat.

Recipe to be posted once I have perfected it. 🙂


No Bake Nutella Cheesecake
No Bake Nutella Cheesecake


Bacon stuffed Rosemary Chicken Thighs on a bed of Arugula

Been cooking a lot lately.

I realized that being a mom with a toddler that is always hungry, you have to cook all the time. During my pre-children days, I only cooked when there was nothing to eat. Now, if I don’t cook, my daughter would throw a hissy fit out of hunger. I don’t usually tolerate Aria’s hissy fits, but if I know it is my fault, I can’t blame her. It is my job anyway to provide her meals. oh well… Motherhood 101.

I am such a noob.

This isn’t really a recipe post. Just wanted to post something… But this meal was gooooooood.

Bacon stuffed Rosemary Chicken Thighs on a bed of Arugula leaves
Bacon stuffed Rosemary Chicken Thighs on a bed of Arugula leaves


QIFF 2015, a world of endless opportunities for your mouth

There are so many opportunities for trying out so many different things at the recently concluded Qatar International Food Festival at the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, that going there for just half a day is not enough.

If life were under different circumstances, I would have gone all the days. Maybe next year.

But for now, I will just share some of the things I tried and experienced at this year’s event.

The first class dining in the sky by Qatar Airways at the QIFF 2015
The first class dining in the sky by Qatar Airways
Yalla Natural's stall encouraging everyone to grow their own vegetables at the QIFF 2015
Yalla Natural’s stall encouraging everyone to grow their own vegetables. Whih is one of my fave since I am a very frustrated gardener #blackthumb
Mr Taco Mexican Food stall at the QIFF 2015
Mr Taco Mexican Food stall at the QIFF 2015. I was in the mood for churros. I found theirs a bit dry but it was ok. Loved their tamarindo juice though.
an Indian guy making bangles at the Royal Tandoor stall at the QIFF 2015
While waiting for our butter chicken we watched the Indian guy making bangles at the Royal Tandoor stall at the QIFF 2015
live cooking demo at the QIFF 2015
ofcourse, we didnt miss the opportunity to watch a live demo. Chef was from Sheraton in Turkey. The beef dish reminded us of the pinoy dish “kalderetang baka”. i wanted to try the aubergines in bechamel sauce though but we didn’t get the chance. it got devoured the second it was offered to the public… boofreakinghoo!

Fireworks at the Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (QIFF2015) Doha Qatar Fireworks at the Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (QIFF2015) Doha Qatar

Fireworks at the Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (QIFF2015) Doha QatarHopefully next year my kids would be bigger and they won’t be sick. and we’ll have a grand time at the QIFF 2016… And we’ll be more prepared for parking. 🙂

Family time at the MIA park bazaar, Doha

Ever since I read about the monthly bazaar at the park of the Museum of Islamic Art, I have always planned to go. The first time we made plans to go, we went to City Center first and got too tired to go to the park afterwards. The second time we went at 6:30 pm not knowing that the bazaar ends at 6. Last Saturday we finally made it, with enough energy to go around and a lot of time to spare. I can finally stop obsessing about that bazaar knowing that I have already been there.

It is not as big as the flea market in Safa park in Dubai. Although it did remind me of that time we participated in the very first flea market where lots of stuff was not just ‘ukay ukay’.

Aria at the MIA Park Bazaar
Aria at the MIA Park Bazaar. No smiles.

There were lots of stalls selling interesting things, such as handmade baby clothes, art by locally based artists, jewellery, clothing and FOOOOD! There was one whole lane of food stalls and the chubby hubby and I spent most of our time on that lane. We checked out each and every one and thought carefully which ones we were going to try. I saw a stall selling Thai Iced tea with milk and bought a macha green tea flavored one and the plain ice tea with milk one. Each drink cost 10 QAR. A little pricey for bazaar food but it was worth it. Coz it was good. Atleast in my opinion.

Checking out the food stalls at the MIA Park Bazaar
Checking out the food stalls
My Macha green iced tea at the MIA Park Bazaar
My Macha green iced tea


Eating corn dog at the MIA Park Bazaar
Aria Eating corn dog at the Bazaar
Aria and her lollipop at the MIA Park Bazaar
Aria and her lollipop


There were also some stalls selling cheap toys and a lot of families were flying kites from those stalls. Told the chubby hubby that he should fly a kite with the kiddos someday. He says that he can make his own kite and that we didn’t have to buy one. I just have to give him some bamboo sticks.

I don’t know if he is challenging me to look for bamboo sticks but when I do, he better be ready to make a kite and spend some quality time with the kiddos.

We didn’t really buy anything at the bazaar, but enjoyed looking around and checking out what can come back for at the next one, the number one item being FOOOOOOOD!

checking out the people flying kites at the MIA park
checking out the people flying kites


An episode on the Confessions of a Coca Cola Addict

I come from a coca cola drinking family. We drink more coke than any other liquid. Which is why it certainly is not a surprise that both my parents are diabetic and that I am probably heading down that road. I was gestational diabetic with all my pregnancies and that is always lots of fun with all the cravings way out of control.

The chubby hubby and I are trying to find ways to inculcate a healthy lifestyle into our lives. One of the ways we are trying is to cut back on all the sodas. Our rule is that nobody buys soda for the house. Our exception is that if someone else buys the soda for us, we can drink it. And that seems to happen a lot. Maaan!!!!

I have stopped ordering coke whenever we eat out. How I wish Burger King and McDonalds served brewed ice tea with optional sugar syrup. I always skip the syrup. Ok, not always, once in a while. But i put very little when I don’t.

Stumbled upon this green coca cola on our recent trip. They branded it coca cola life. It’s suppose to be a healthy version of the regular coca cola because the sweetener used is Stevia, not aspertame. Now being in a diabetic family, I am familiar with all the artificial sweeteners and right now, we are on the Stevia phase, so its a win for me. I wonder when this will ever come to the Middle East.

Chubby hubby bought me one, and because I have been craving for soda in the freezing weather, i gulped down the coca cola life like everything depended on it. And for that brief 20 minutes of consumption of a 500 ml bottle, I was utterly and completely satisfied.

Happiness achieved.

Coca Cola life in Brussels
Trying out Coca Cola life in Brussels. Please ignore the baby with his eyes covered

Breakfast (and Dessert) at Roger’s Diner

I have passed by Roger’s Diner numerous times on our way back home from West bay Doha. Every time we do, I tell the Chubby hubby that we should go and try out that place.  Finally, after the Ramadhan and Eid, we got the chance to go on a weekend to try out their breakfast.

Roger's Diner (9 of 13)

The place was still empty which was a common thing on an early morning weekend. I feel like the people here are night people since restaurants and malls are so full when they are almost closed.

The parking space outside Roger's Diner on a weekend
The parking space outside the diner on a weekend
Free Valet parking at Roger's Diner
Free Valet parking so that you don’t have to walk far. This was pretty convenient in the hot weather

The interiors boasted of a 50’s aviation vibe. Makes you want to order a malt beverage and a cheeseburger.

Interiors of Roger's Diner
The 50’s Interiors vibe
Interiors at Roger's Diner
Looks like the carcass of an old wing of a plane

We were there for breakfast so we ordered some breakfast from the seasonal promotion menu which included a main meal and fresh juice or coffee/tea. I opted for the Southwestern Omelet with watermelon juice and the chubby hubby ordered the Cajun Omelet and lemon mint juice.

Seasonal Promotion from Roger's Diner
Seasonal Promotion menu
Our Lemon Mint and Watermelon juice from Roger's Diner
Our Lemon Mint and Watermelon juice that came along with our combo
Southwest Omelet Breakfast combo from Roger's Diner
My Southwest Omelet Breakfast combo

We wanted to order something from the kid’s menu for Aria but they only served items from the breakfast menu at that hour. However a little later, the staff came back to us and told us that we could order something for Aria and the chef will make it even if it’s too early. We ordered a baked Chicken Macaroni for her.

Happy at Roger's Diner
Wearing shades at Roger's Diner
Their too school for school pose
Chubby Hubby feeding Aria some of her Baked Chicken Macaroni from Roger's Diner
Chubby Hubby feeding Aria some of her Baked Chicken Macaroni and eating some of it himself

The food was pretty good. Not that outstanding but pretty good. My omelette was really tasty with the bacon. But I guess I wanted bigger portions. Maybe the portions would have been bigger if we ordered from the regular breakfast menu. They had some really awesome looking waffles I wanted to try. But I had to leave some place in my belly for dessert! The Chubby hubby enjoyed Aria’s order. He said it was exactly how he wanted his pasta. Not too creamy and not too cheesy.

We ordered the Ice cream mud pie for dessert and although I loved it, it would have been sooo much better if the crust were a little bit more thicker.

A slice of an ice cream mud pie cake from Roger's Diner
A slice of an ice cream mud pie cake
Free ice cream from Roger's Diner (1 of 1)
The best part for Aria was free ice cream! How nice it is to be a little girl…

Roger’s Diner
C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar
p: +974 4455 2333