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Macro photography with my iphone

Currently enjoying some much awaited family time here in the Philippines. My brothers and I all live in different countries now and it is very rare that we get to be together, but with my dad’s health regressing we all knew we had to spend as much time with him as we could. So here we are with our families minus the chubby hubby who needed to stay behind in Doha because of work, spending time with our dad.

This post really isnt about my family. I just had some photos in my iphone that i wanted to share. The other day we stayed in Sinagtala farm resort in Orani, Bataan. It was a beautiful place overlooking Mt ararat. We rented a villa with four bedrooms. 

I love being surrounded with nature. It is very relaxing and soothing to be around so much greenery. But i am currently suffering from a lot of insect bites.

Decided to use my clip-on lens that i bought more than a year ago that i seldom get to use. Got some nice photos though.


bee in flower
taking this photo scared the bazinga out of me



QIFF 2015, a world of endless opportunities for your mouth

There are so many opportunities for trying out so many different things at the recently concluded Qatar International Food Festival at the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, that going there for just half a day is not enough.

If life were under different circumstances, I would have gone all the days. Maybe next year.

But for now, I will just share some of the things I tried and experienced at this year’s event.

The first class dining in the sky by Qatar Airways at the QIFF 2015
The first class dining in the sky by Qatar Airways
Yalla Natural's stall encouraging everyone to grow their own vegetables at the QIFF 2015
Yalla Natural’s stall encouraging everyone to grow their own vegetables. Whih is one of my fave since I am a very frustrated gardener #blackthumb
Mr Taco Mexican Food stall at the QIFF 2015
Mr Taco Mexican Food stall at the QIFF 2015. I was in the mood for churros. I found theirs a bit dry but it was ok. Loved their tamarindo juice though.
an Indian guy making bangles at the Royal Tandoor stall at the QIFF 2015
While waiting for our butter chicken we watched the Indian guy making bangles at the Royal Tandoor stall at the QIFF 2015
live cooking demo at the QIFF 2015
ofcourse, we didnt miss the opportunity to watch a live demo. Chef was from Sheraton in Turkey. The beef dish reminded us of the pinoy dish “kalderetang baka”. i wanted to try the aubergines in bechamel sauce though but we didn’t get the chance. it got devoured the second it was offered to the public… boofreakinghoo!

Fireworks at the Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (QIFF2015) Doha Qatar Fireworks at the Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (QIFF2015) Doha Qatar

Fireworks at the Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (QIFF2015) Doha QatarHopefully next year my kids would be bigger and they won’t be sick. and we’ll have a grand time at the QIFF 2016… And we’ll be more prepared for parking. 🙂

Exploring Qatar: The Rock Formations of Zekreet

I usually avoid the malls during weekends because I hate crowds. But the weekend is the only free time the Chubby hubby has so we make it a point to do something new during these days- whether its trying a new restaurant or hanging out at the park. About a week ago, some friends from church invited us to go visit a site at the outskirts of Doha. Since the weather is slowly transitioning to Summer, it was the perfect time for some off road adventure.

Zekreet is located 45 minutes away from Doha, just off the Dukhan Road (the road going towards Qatar National Convention Center and the humongous Qatar Mall Construction). It is a collection of plateaus in the middle of the desert with a mini Arabic town that was put up for films (hence called Film City) and some archeological sites.

If you want to go and see the rock formations, it is best to bring your own food since there are no places to eat there! The next food stop is more than 30 minutes away from the site.

Finally! A visit to the Museum of Islamic Art

After our MIA Park Bazaar visit in my previous post, we decided to finally check out the Museum of Islamic Art. I have been telling the chubby hubby about taking me to visit the place but since he is not a museum geek he has been putting it off as much as he can. I even remember telling him when he picked me up from the airport that I want to go see the MIA. And he only got around to taking me there last Saturday. Yey!

The Atrium of the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
The atrium

We only got to visit one exhibition which is about animal fables in Islamic art. Aria got to point at the animals she recognized and say their names. I love how much my daughter is learning everyday. We didn’t get to check out the other exhibits because we found out that they had storytelling for kids was just about to start when we got there, so we let Aria listen and participate in the free art workshop at the museum which I will be sharing in another post… that is if i get the chance to.

After that we just checked out the museum and appreciated the architecture and ofcourse, we took some family pictures overlooking the westbay area of Doha.

At the courtyard of the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Overlooking westbay


At the courtyard of the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Hanging out at the courtyard
At the courtyard of the Museum of Islamic Art Doha
Momma and Baby Bear





Crying babies on holiday

I cannot count exactly how many times the booger and bear threw a tantrum during our recent trip. On normal days, when Aria starts to cry about the smallest thing, I would ignore her. During the first few days we did just that- ignored her tantrums, which earned us stares ranging from sympathy to judgmental. Around the fourth day, I started taking her picture whenever she’d start.

crying at the pont des arts in Paris
At the pont des arts in Paris
crying under the arc de triomphe
Under the Arc de triomphe in Paris
crying On the subway in Paris
On the train
crying in Museumplein, Amsterdam
In Museumplein, Amsterdam
Crying inside Starbucks, Double Tree Hilton, Amsterdam
Inside Starbucks, Double Tree Hilton, Amsterdam
Crying at Maxhotel, Brussels
At Maxhotel, Brussels

She would still cry and then I’d show her her picture and sometimes she’d stop, sometimes she’d keep on crying. Oh well…

Checking out the Qatar Foundation Student Center and an Impromptu Maternity Shoot

I feel fat. I feel like a house. Everytime I feel this way, I want to eat a big fat steak. And I feel this way all the time.

But ofcourse, now is not the time to starve myself to lose weight. I am now 30 weeks and my OB advised me that I will be scheduled to give birth by Caesarian at 37 weeks, just like when I had Aria. I was hoping my baby boy would come by October so that he could celebrate his birthday with me (i find it more economical), but I guess he would be coming along by the last week of September.

There was this recent article about a man who posed for a maternity photoshoot because his wife didn’t want one. It was hilarious and it made me realize that I really want one… Sadly, I know that I will never meet my own expectations about being all glamorous in it so I would rather be behind the camera and not infront of it. I did one for a friend a few years back and she looked great. But she was small and like I said, I am a house. A house that needs a major overhaul.

Aria speaking to mama's tummy at the Qatar Foundation Student Center
Hello baby this is Ate Aria
Aria kissing mama's tummy at the Qatar Foundation Student Center
I love you baby Marcus, Ate Aria

However, as I was glancing through pictures of my pregnancy with Aria that I noticed we didn’t take as much pictures now as we did before. Poor baby boy! We wouldn’t have a well documented birth day when he comes out just like what we did with his sister. And I feel guilty that we took extra preparations for Aria and not for baby number 2.

So I promised myself more pictures and I need to force the chubby hubby to buy me a really nice camera so that I can treat baby boy with the same kind of paparazzi royalty I did with his sister. And that he wouldn’t feel ‘unspecial’ when he grows up and starts looking for his baby pictures. I use to take weekly pictures of Aria when she was born and have pretty much all of her milestones documented.

Anyway, we went to Qatar Foundation Student Center located at the Educational City in Doha before the Eid holidays to check out their clinic (Qatar Foundation employees can get free consultation, treatment and medicine) and I thoroughly enjoyed the Architecture of that place. Actually, the entire Educational City has a lot of wonderful modern architecture waiting to be explored. I wished again I had a better camera. But I forced the chubby hubby to take pictures of me and Aria because there were a lot of perfect settings for a shoot.

Pregnant woman at the Qatar Foundation Student Center
Pregnant woman
Enjoying the spacious halls of the Qatar Foundation Student Center
Enjoying the spacious halls of the Student Center. Makes me want to be a student again
Aria and Mama at the Qatar Foundation Student Center
Aria and Mama
Qatar Foundation Student Center Big Ottomans
Aria on one of those big round ottomans.

I seriously loved that place. And they have this awesome bookstore called Tribe that sells art materials that are hard to find anywhere else. I spent a good amount of time there and Aria just kept pulling stuff off the shelves (much to the staff’s dismay). I didn’t bring my wallet though (because it was empty) and couldn’t buy anything and I really wanted to buy everything… There were plenty of seating areas in different designs where students can study (or pretend to study). They also have sports facilities that Qatar Foundation employees could use. I am looking forward to the GIGANTIC library that they are opening soon. Hopefully by then I would have a driver’s license (and a mini cooper) so that me and the kids can visit during the day. Oh how I love libraries and the smell of books (old and new)!