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Working on my buzz card- DIY BUSINESS CARD

I knew I needed to work on my business card since I was already serious about expanding my blog. I didn’t want to get some printed professionally though since I might keep changing the face of my blog a lot until I settle down in my dot com. So when the time was necessary to have my business cards, I then decided to go the DIY route. I didn’t want to go and buy any more materials and just used what I had with me. I ended up using scrapbook paper I bought on sale at Pretty Paper Studio. I then cut that up into business card sizes.

I wanted my blog header and my business card to match so I redid my page to what it is today.

Stuff by Rhey header
my new header

And used the same font for my business card header with my details. I printed that on sticker paper and stuck it to onto my scrapbook paper.

Scrapbook paper cut into business card sizes
The back side of my buzz card

Oh please ignore the nailpolish!

scrapbook paper business card
The front of my buzz card with my details

What I love about the effect is that I have colorful prints on both sides! It is just soo me!


Planning for Aria’s First birthday – downloadable invites.

I have been bitten by the birthday planning bug. Aria is turning 1 in 3 months and I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. Been scouring pinterest for birthday ideas and have found tons. Now I am on info overload.

Thought I would work on her invitations first and came up with contemporary designs based on some wedding invitations I saw online.

I made two kinds of postcard size invitation cards. Both of them are just mainly typography. Thought they looked nice. I am sharing the design with everyone as a customizable download. You would need to edit them in illustrator though.

The first one has lyrics as a background. I made the download completely customizable that you can edit the lyrics.

I used the lyrics from ‘Home’ by Shoshana Bean. I use to sing this a lot to Aria when she was still inside my tummy.

Here is the second one that I made.

You can remove the hearts and change all the info on this one.

Here is the link to the invites! bday invites

Lemme know what you think!

PS – I wanted to print them out but I had no printer. Still trying to raise funds for a nice printer that I could use.

PPS- If you want me to customize it for you, email me! –

Happy Weekend Everyone!

In the Middle East, the weekend falls on Friday and the weekday starts on Sunday. So whenever we talk about weekends, we always talk about Fridays and Saturdays.

I have started picking up my pens again and started doodling and hand lettering. I have become pretty idle with my hands which are usually full with Aria’s demands. I have observed that my lines become staggered whenever I go without practice. But still, here is something for the weekend!


Iconic USB fobs from Deego toys

Been looking around for good souvenirs for a wedding I’m helping to plan and thought that since everybody was using USB drives, why not use that as a giveaway. My wedding souvenirs were nail-clippers that were keychains. They were green and they were pretty… as pretty as me. (insert evil laugh) I didn’t get to keep one for reasons that I do not why and I wished I did.

The coolest USB fob I ever had and still own is this free one that came along with a purchase of the Sims 3 back in 2009. I thought it was the coolest. I thought I was the coolest by owning one.

geek alert geek alert! image courtesy of

I found ones from deego toys that are noteworthy. These are my favorites.

1,2) noa 3) candy 4) Disco Duro Externo lamb 5) Disco Duro Externo Cow 6) Disco Duro Externo Pig 7) Lis 8) Robot Rojo 9) Hiyori All images courtesy of

The USB fobs cost AED 95 for 4GB, AED 115 for 8 GB and AED 135 for 16GB at Do you think it’s worth that price? Aren’t thumb drives suppose to be extinct in a year or two?

However, I wouldnt mind if someone would give me one of these for my birthday. Total cuteness!

FN Designs Shirts

I am very patriotic at heart. I love home made goods and locally made stuff. One of my favorite shops is Team Manila because of their Filipino graphic prints. Growing up in Dubai, I also love Dubai stuff but the “i love Dubai” shirts available at the local supermarkets are not attractive enough for me. I am hoping to develop a line for Dubai just like what Team Manila did for Filipinos who appreciate good graphic design. But when I came across FN Designs shirts that were sold at the recent Middle East Comic Con, I knew they are going to beat me to it. I love that they are local and that their designs exude a very arabic flair. Traditional but modern.

My First shirt from them would be this. Although I would prefer a green shirt with a white or yellow print. Gotta have this first because of the Burj khalifa background.

I know I have to get one for myself… maybe when I get a job. 🙂

For now, I just have to appreciate from a distance.


FN Design is a Dubai based design company. Still not that familiar with them and I am trying to add them up in Facebook to get some info, but based on these shirt designs, I really think they would click with the younger generation of graphic design lovers.

this print would be awesome on a red shirt

If you wish to order or for more info you can email

For more info on FN Designs you can check out their facebook page here.

Choosing Necklaces for Necklines by Imogen

My cousin tagged me on a picture on Facebook and I knew I had to find out who the original author was to share. I am an accessories gal and have been making my accessories for a long time but I’ve never had guidelines on the correct way to accessorize.
For my gal pals out there, this is for US!Choosing Necklaces for Necklines


Watercolor buildings

I love these watercolor works by my beautiful cousin in Australia. She’s the same cousin who took the black and white pictures of the beach that I blogged about before here. She’s one of the biggest influences on why I took up architecture and love sketching and watercolor.

Dont you just love watercolor prints?