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The kind of cruelty that the weather brings- and a baby in pink tiger stripes

Winter in the desert was always my favorite season. Not only can I wear scarves or shawls without sweating buckets, I can also wear those fashionable coats when going out without looking stupid. And hats. who doesn’t like having an excuse to wear hats?

The weather also brings stuffy noses, migraines from the cold, cough and the seasonal flu. My daughter and I have been bitten by the flu bug. Yes, us tropical people have tropical blood and the slight change of temperature will light our noses up like Rudolph on a snowy night. My husband keeps complaining about sinusitis, a constant excuse he uses to get out of housework. oh yes, the weather also brings another anomaly- the cranky husband!

You know im kidding right? (a disclaimer in case Frank gets to read this)

But even the cold weather can’t stop babies from being cute. Even with a runny nose, my Aria and her cute (and donated) outfits just light up my day.

baby outfit of the night, pink tiger striped onesie
Aria’s outfit for one evening… reminds me so much of Tiggr (but in pink). Even I want a onesie!

Aria’s outfit of the random day

I am running out of things to post about. A job really gets in the way of fun activities, crafting and blogging… 🙂

Anyway, one of Aria’s godmothers who works in the fashion biz told me of the lack of bloggers for kids fashion here in Dubai. I am not a fashionista and I don’t think I dress up my baby booger well at all. But I take so many pics of her that it might be a pretty neat idea to start posting the stuff she gets to wear.

Most of the clothes she owns are gifts.I have only bought her a few items of clothing, most of them essentials. For most of her first year, she wore a lot of hand me downs. But during her first birthday, because she had a polka dot theme, she got a lot of polka dotted dresses, which i thought was cute.

Last saturday, I got her to stand up and pose for me. I took pics with my ipad while she cried and begged me to pick her up.

Shirt from joe fresh, shorts from carters, stockings from mothercare and shoes from babyshop.

We would like to give a shout out to all the sponsors of Aria’s outfit of the random day. Because of your generosity, her mom (namely me) didn’t have to spend gazillions on clothes.


DIY Simple Drop Earrings

I have been making most of my accessories since I can not remember and have accumulated quite a lot of materials. I wanted to share how to make your simple dangling earrings and what basic tools you need.

Putting together your earrings is like putting together lego bricks. You just need the right elements and the right tools. I bought my tools on ebay.

tools: red – long nose, peach/orange-flat nose, purple- round nose, green- flush cutter

There are a lot more other tools you can use but these are the very basic.

more beads and wire elements

I bought most of my materials from the Philippines. But they are also available here in Satwa and in Naif.

Here are the basic elements you can use for a simple drop earring.

You need- Earring hooks, jump rings, flathead pins, beads (i used glass beads for this).

First, we assemble the ‘drop’. We take the flat head pin then inserted the glass bead. I used a metal flower cap to add more details. We closed the pin by making a round shape using the round nose pliers then cut off the excess. Then you just put it together with the hook.

You can add more bead elements to make it longer. Use the pin, remove the head and insert the bead. Make round rings at both ends.

Happy beading!!

That blue dress

We recently attended an event that required us to dress up according to a color motif (my husband keeps saying color motive). The color was blue with a touch of yellow and I searched high and low for that perfect blue dress (not too casual and not too formal. I found a couple at Debenhams which cost an arm and a leg and the ones I could afford didn’t really look that great on me so I decided to make myself and my little Aria matching dresses.

I bought 3 yards of jersey knit and a yard of chiffon at Satwa and wanted to make a maxi dress. Cotton Jersey knits cost around AED 18 per yard. I made my shrug out of chiffon.

This is what I came up with.

our matching clothes- i look all sweaty coz i was sweating

The dress was just a basic small rectangle for the top (from the top of my bust to the bottom of my bust) and a slightly larger (125% circumference of my hip and length is from the bottomof my bust till my foot) rectangle for the bottom. Made straps after trying the dress on and just marking. I have never stitched with a pattern so I made adjustements as I went along. I gathered the fabric infront to hide my tummy. Added flowers infront.

I made the shrug by folding the fabric in half and cutting a T. I’ll probably make a tutorial sometime in the VERY DISTANT future. 🙂

the whole outfit

An unconfessed love for socks

I was half-watching the movie ‘Friends with money’ with Jennifer Aniston and the character i was most interested in was the couple who owned the socks business. I am a big fan of cute and colorful socks. Frank who use to own only black, navy blue and brown socks has now adapted more prints and colors into his foot wardrobe since he married me.

When I was in college our uniform was an awful brown- dark brown pants with light brown short sleeved shirt. We could only wear brown shoes or black shoes so the only item of different color that we could wear on ourselves were our socks- and we went really crazy there.

I came across these socks from happy socks just the other day which made my sock fetish go on overdrive. However, 12 dollars for a pair is just a tad bit too much for me. Maybe someday when I’m a millionaire.

candy crush socks from happy socks.

Here are some of my fave socks from my collection. Please be prepared to see some legs. 🙂

pink and brown stripes
blue and violet stripeys
barney ankle socks
red football socks. They go above the knee. awesome!
yellow football socks

gotta love my socks!

Closet dilemma

The place we are moving to does not have built in closets and we need an uber effective storage solution so that I won’t drive my DH nuts with all the crap that I own. When we were surveying the room we were going to be staying in, I told DH that we should put all our existing storage to one side (which includes a h1.6xw1M closet and a stand alone garment rack which I use to use to dry clothes) and just cover with curtains. I was looking around the internet with ideas and came across a bunch of wonderful solutions that I just might try. Thought I would share them with everyone.

David and Im’s “One Space” – Apartment Therapy

I’ll post in the future what I have come up with. DH is leaving the solution in my hands and I am up for the challenge. However, he better not blame me if it doesn’t work out. 🙂

Iconic USB fobs from Deego toys

Been looking around for good souvenirs for a wedding I’m helping to plan and thought that since everybody was using USB drives, why not use that as a giveaway. My wedding souvenirs were nail-clippers that were keychains. They were green and they were pretty… as pretty as me. (insert evil laugh) I didn’t get to keep one for reasons that I do not why and I wished I did.

The coolest USB fob I ever had and still own is this free one that came along with a purchase of the Sims 3 back in 2009. I thought it was the coolest. I thought I was the coolest by owning one.

geek alert geek alert! image courtesy of

I found ones from deego toys that are noteworthy. These are my favorites.

1,2) noa 3) candy 4) Disco Duro Externo lamb 5) Disco Duro Externo Cow 6) Disco Duro Externo Pig 7) Lis 8) Robot Rojo 9) Hiyori All images courtesy of

The USB fobs cost AED 95 for 4GB, AED 115 for 8 GB and AED 135 for 16GB at Do you think it’s worth that price? Aren’t thumb drives suppose to be extinct in a year or two?

However, I wouldnt mind if someone would give me one of these for my birthday. Total cuteness!