Breakfast (and Dessert) at Roger’s Diner

I have passed by Roger’s Diner numerous times on our way back home from West bay Doha. Every time we do, I tell the Chubby hubby that we should go and try out that place.  Finally, after the Ramadhan and Eid, we got the chance to go on a weekend to try out their breakfast.

Roger's Diner (9 of 13)

The place was still empty which was a common thing on an early morning weekend. I feel like the people here are night people since restaurants and malls are so full when they are almost closed.

The parking space outside Roger's Diner on a weekend
The parking space outside the diner on a weekend
Free Valet parking at Roger's Diner
Free Valet parking so that you don’t have to walk far. This was pretty convenient in the hot weather

The interiors boasted of a 50’s aviation vibe. Makes you want to order a malt beverage and a cheeseburger.

Interiors of Roger's Diner
The 50’s Interiors vibe
Interiors at Roger's Diner
Looks like the carcass of an old wing of a plane

We were there for breakfast so we ordered some breakfast from the seasonal promotion menu which included a main meal and fresh juice or coffee/tea. I opted for the Southwestern Omelet with watermelon juice and the chubby hubby ordered the Cajun Omelet and lemon mint juice.

Seasonal Promotion from Roger's Diner
Seasonal Promotion menu
Our Lemon Mint and Watermelon juice from Roger's Diner
Our Lemon Mint and Watermelon juice that came along with our combo
Southwest Omelet Breakfast combo from Roger's Diner
My Southwest Omelet Breakfast combo

We wanted to order something from the kid’s menu for Aria but they only served items from the breakfast menu at that hour. However a little later, the staff came back to us and told us that we could order something for Aria and the chef will make it even if it’s too early. We ordered a baked Chicken Macaroni for her.

Happy at Roger's Diner
Wearing shades at Roger's Diner
Their too school for school pose
Chubby Hubby feeding Aria some of her Baked Chicken Macaroni from Roger's Diner
Chubby Hubby feeding Aria some of her Baked Chicken Macaroni and eating some of it himself

The food was pretty good. Not that outstanding but pretty good. My omelette was really tasty with the bacon. But I guess I wanted bigger portions. Maybe the portions would have been bigger if we ordered from the regular breakfast menu. They had some really awesome looking waffles I wanted to try. But I had to leave some place in my belly for dessert! The Chubby hubby enjoyed Aria’s order. He said it was exactly how he wanted his pasta. Not too creamy and not too cheesy.

We ordered the Ice cream mud pie for dessert and although I loved it, it would have been sooo much better if the crust were a little bit more thicker.

A slice of an ice cream mud pie cake from Roger's Diner
A slice of an ice cream mud pie cake
Free ice cream from Roger's Diner (1 of 1)
The best part for Aria was free ice cream! How nice it is to be a little girl…

Roger’s Diner
C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar
p: +974 4455 2333


My new favorite sushi restaurant- Neo Restaurant

Two friends were discussing eating sushi over Facebook the other day and I invited myself (and chubby hubby and Aria) to their date. They couldn’t say no since the post was public and it would be quite embarrassing to decline my invitation  to myself to join them. hahaha Although I did really ask if it was okay, and they reassured me that it was fine. I hope my fb friends wont feel too threatened about this habit of mine. I really don’t mind if you say No.

I always try to find ways to eat sushi and thought this was a good idea to find something new. One of my friends said that this place was the best in Doha. When we got there and I tried out their sushi, i found out that she really wasn’t kidding.

Neo restaurant is located along Salwa Road in Souq Najd which is right next to Jarir Bookstore. They have been awarded the best Japanese restaurant in Doha by Time Out in 2013. What is great about the place is the accessibility and the wonderful interiors.

Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Outside the restaurant
the Lobby of Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Restaurant Lobby

It is always advisable to call and get reservations. When we got there they were fully booked for the evening, but since we were early and some of the other bookings were a little later, and probably because our friends were VERY FREQUENT guests, we were given a table.

Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Ordering our food
Sleeping inside Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Aria was asleep when we got in.

They had an Eat-all-you-can option that evening for QAR 150 and I went for it without blinking twice. They served their best selling maki and ebi for that option and I thought I would be able to eat another round. I ordered green tea to warm my tummy as I had my sushi- thinking it would help me eat more. I forgot about the baby in there who is taking up a big chunk of space. So I didn’t get to eat another round and just ordered a second helping of their maki with mango.

Table setting at Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
My table setting
Tea at Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Green Tea with my sushi
neo restaurant (9 of 12)
Chubby hubby’s mojito

We also ordered a shrimp tempura which came before the main platter.

Shrimp Tempura at Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
What was left of our shrimp tempura
neo restaurant (10 of 12)
Our initial EAT ALL YOU CAN platter. My favorite was the maki with mango slice skin which is the bright yellow roll at the bottom left

They also served a some truffles for dessert. There wasn’t place in everyone else’s tummy so I ate most of it.

neo restaurant (12 of 12)
Belgian chocolate and Oreo Truffles

The food was really good and fresh. I love that their Eat all you can option included their best sellers and not just their plain makis and ebis. I wished they had some sashimi in there so that I could have tried it. Maybe next time… definitely next time.

Neo Restaurant
Salwa Road, Souq Najd
Doha Qatar
t: +974 44322539 / 44322508
f: +974 40297041

Turkish Grill at Souq Waqif: Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room

We chanced upon Bosphorus while exploring the alleyways of Souq Waqif during our visit looking for a nice place to eat. The chubby hubby was in the mood for some grilled food so he really wanted to eat Turkish food. Although there were plenty of attractive outdoor seating, it was really too hot and humid to eat outside so we decided to eat inside. They also had a terrace seating on the second floor and it would have been a perfect place to eat if only the weather was more tolerable.

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
Outside the restaurant

I am not sure if the sign outside really meant that the area was an old prison site. If it were true, that would have been awesome.
Old Prison site outside Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif

Seated indoors at Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
Finally seated indoors!
Cooling off inside Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
Aria sweating from the heat outside
Interiors of Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
The only interiors photo I took

I really did not know a thing about Turkish food so I had no idea what to order. I wanted something with tomato sauce though, not necessarily pasta but something with tomatoes. They had some pies that are made hot from the oven so I went for their Kusbasili Kasarli Pide which is a traditional Turkish pie topped with lamb cubes, melted cheese and Turkish sausage. The Chubby Hubby wanted to eat lamb but they didn’t have it available that time so he went for some Tavuk sis which is Grilled chicken breasts (i think). hehehe

They customized drinks according to what you felt like having so I told the waiter that I wanted something with strawberry and lime (I was actually craving for a mojito) and they gave me a really refreshing drink better than what I had in mind!

Mocktail at Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
My specially mixed Fruit drink
Kusbasili Kasarli Pide at Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
My Kusbasili Kasarli Pide
Tavuk Sis at Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
Chubby Hubby’s Tavuk Sis

It was a very good meal overall and we definitely left the place with satisfied grins on our faces.

Outside Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room at Souq Waqif
Happy pregnant woman after her Turkish dinner

Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine and Grill Room
Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar
t: +97433580062

Sushi Platinum platter at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

What I noticed about most of the sushi places near the Nasser area is that they are fused with Korean food. I love Korean food and I also love sushi so that fact is actually a super plus for me.

When we went for our gelato date the other night, I saw Yee Hwa in the same building as FLOR gelato. The chubby hubby immediately bragged about having eaten there when we weren’t here yet and how much he enjoyed the big bento boxes. The pregnant woman, namely ME, did not want to be one-upped by the hubby so I immediately made a fuss about how he needed to bring us there or I will throw a tantrum.

So the other night, we decided to go and have a platter of sushi at said restaurant.

Chubby Hubby and Aria on the way to Doha Downtown
On our way to Doha Downtown

I didn’t really look much into the interiors since the place was quite packed when we got there. I thought that must be a good sign because it means the place is popular hopefully because of the food. We were given a table near the door but it was not in the way of most of the people coming in. They offered a good selection of Korean and Japanese food but since we weren’t that hungry I opted (yes I was the one making the decisions that night) for a sushi platter, a pot of green tea and a glass of green milk tea for Aria.

Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

Deciding what to get on the menu from Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown
Deciding what to get on the menu

The chubby hubby and I liked the practice of the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese where they drink a hot pot of tea with their meal. This is actually something he learned while on our 2011 trip to China.

I love that even though we didn’t order any Korean food, we still got free Banchan dishes and I devoured the kimchi immediately. :p

Banchan Dishes with our green tea at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown
Banchan Dishes with our green tea

The sushi arrived a few minutes after and it was really good. I loved the california maki rolls since it had both avocado and mango in it. The iced green milk tea was also pretty good, however I did not get to take a picture. I think it tasted like it had macha in it which gave it that distinct flavor from the usual green tea.

Platinum Sushi platter at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown
Our Sushi Platter
California Maki from Yee Hwa, Downtown Doha
California Maki

The prices are quite reasonable compared to most restaurants associated with hotels. But it is not cheap if you really think about it. But I do believe you get your money’s worth. We are planning to come back on their ‘all you can eat sushi night’ or one of their Korean BBQ nights sometime soon.

Yee Hwa
Doha Downtown Hotel, Al Nasser, Doha

Jollibee in Doha! Now its time for that burger steak

Ready to order at Jollibee Doha
Ready to order

One of the things the chubby hubby was really excited about when we arrived was when he would be able to take us to Jollibee Doha. During our last vacation, I ate at Jollibee almost everyday and I ordered only one thing- their two piece burger steak. There really isn’t anything VERY special about their burger steak. It is just two burger patties with mushroom gravy but I LOVE IT! I blame the baby in my tummy.

If you have never heard about Jollibee, it is the most popular fastfood chain in the Philippines. More popular than Mcdonalds. I think Jollibee is one of the things Filipinos are very nationalistic about.

mcdo jollibee meme
photo taken from

There are three branches in Qatar (and Dubai is still taking time to get one!). They have one in Al Khor which is a 45 minute drive away, Al Meera and Al Rayyan. I still have no idea which one we went to but I know it is less than a 10 minute drive from our place. And I do know now the address where we live! pat on the back to me!

Jollibee Doha
Hello Jollibee!

I ordered my burgersteak with spaghetti and chubby hubby ordered his with palabok. I love that they have coke floats here! happyness! I didn’t bother taking pics of my food since all I really wanted to do was sink my teeth into that burgersteak. Aria was equally happy sharing my spaghetti with me. I also ordered a yum burger.

My verdict- The food is pretty similar to the ones they serve in the Philippines. I think it has to do with the cooking oil that they use. I loved my yum. I thought it was better than the ones back in the Philippines. The cheese was oozing unlike the ones in Manila where you actually have to ask where did the cheese go? The spaghetti was less sweet, and that was exactly how I wanted it.

Yum burger oozing with cheese
Cheese oozing out of my yum burger… ooh lala!
Aria and jollibee
Aria waiting for us to say our prayers before eating

On another evening, the chubby hubby bought a bucket of chickenjoy and what we got was slightly overcooked. That disappointed us a bit. However, I would still like another try of that burger steak before I make a final verdict… Maybe tonight?

Trying Out Pierre Herme Macarons for the first time- and my first and probably last vlog

I have passed by Pierre Hermé for several times now and have gawked at their macarons for a few minutes each time. I never really thought I’d buy one because the shop is inside La Fayette in Dubai Mall and everything inside that store is expensive and we are cheapskates most of the time so we just never thought of buying something expensive that can be gobbled up in seconds…

However the other day, while I was gawking yet again at their oh so good looking macarons, the foodie monsters inside me told me to ATLEAST BUY ONE! So I looked around, didn’t see the chubby hubby, took out my wallet and chose one BIG macaron from their shelves. The woman behind the counter thought I’d eat it there but I really wanted to take it home and savor each bite.

Pierre Hermé takeaway bag from La Fayette.
My Pierre Hermé takeaway bag… it looks so exquisite.

My baby girl had been sick all weekend and I have been preoccuppied with so many things that it took a few days after before I finally got the chance to try out the macaron. When I opened the box, it was still in perfect condition. Although some of the filling has melted into the tissue, everything still looked as impeccable as it did when I first bought it. I just had to sigh and smile to myself.

Pierre Herme packaging- the closed box and the tissue
the packaging

While I was taking a picture of the packaging, Aria was trying to get in on the action.

Aria trying to get a hold of my Pierre Herme box
Aria: Ma, is this for me? Mama: Nope babe, its for me

I took a video of me eating it, thought it would be a funny segment of me eating stuff for the first time. So before anybody starts commenting about the fat girl in the video, I have to say I have already started to gain a few pounds which I blame on the baby growing inside me…

Pierre Herme Macaron in hazelnut praline
Why hello there my beautiful friend? Ooh lala!

The Opening of the Noon Boutique Hotel Apartments- art, interiors and canapes

Even if I haven’t practiced anything related to architecture for more than 2 years now, my love for anything related to it has never diminished. When I got the invite for the opening of the first ever boutique hotel in Dubai, the little architect in me started making cartwheels. It was an opportunity for me to be surrounded by the stuff I love- art and beautiful interiors. Something that I have been subconsciously craving. My fellow blogger who is also an architect, Kenneth of, also got the invite so we both decided to go together (you can see his blog about the event here).

Noon boutique hotel boasts of being the first of its kind in the region. Three Arabic artists contributed to the concepts of the interiors each one bringing an element of their personal style. Although their designs were confined to only a few things in each room, the details are pretty much evident with what little they were allowed to work with. The hotel also boasts of a gallery on the mezzanine floor, which already houses a few paintings by the artists.

Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments- wallpaper
I love this wallpaper. I would use it on an accent wall in my own house.
Noon art boutique hotel apartments- window and lighting elements
The windows and the lighting fixtures depict the different concepts of each artist.
Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments- drape design embroidery
Even the embroidery in the drapes showed the concept of the artists for the rooms they designed.

What I really appreciated that night were the artists working live in the lobby. It’s always inspiring to be around artistic people doing their craft.

Noon Hotel opening- artist doing a portrait of a photographer
An artist doing a portrait of a photographer… probably after he took his picture
Noon boutique hotel apartments- live artists during the opening
One of the live artists at the lobby
Noon Boutique hotel opening- a live artist painting the Dubai Skyline
An artist painting the Dubai skyline

We ended the evening with socializing at the gallery. There was a band that provided Arabic music for entertainment. And ofcourse, we munched on the overflowing trays of canapes.

Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments- artwork, paintings, canvases
The Artwork around the hotel and the gallery

This is the perfect place for artists and creatives to stay when visiting Dubai. The interiors and the gallery will surely provide you with inspiration to keep those creative juices flowing.

Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments
Al Barsha, Dubai