Affordable and Educational- an afternoon at Sharjah Discovery Center

My niece turned eight recently and had her birthday celebration at the Discovery Center in Sharjah. What I thought would be an exciting and fun filled day just for the kids turned out to be just as exciting for the adults. I am a historical-interactive-museum lover and knew I would be enjoying myself, but surprisingly even DH thought it was a perfect place for him and the kids.

My sister in law got a very AFFORDABLE package for Chichi’s birthday. When I say affordable, I mean AFFORDABLE in capital letters. The package included rental of an area for you to set up your food and party, and entrance to the facilities for 25 kids and adults.

Boring on the outside but so much fun on the inside!

Some of the interactive stuff inside included a miniature car track (for kids only), a video recording studio (that also broadcasts your recording to the whole facility), a wall climbing wall, a construction site and lots and lots of puzzles (yay for me!).

Apparently, if you walk in the entrance for the facility is AED 5 for each kid and AED 10 for adults. Still not bad right? The only downside is the location since it is close to the Sharjah Airport which is already far from civilization. But it still is worth the trip. If you have bored kids and can’t think of where to take them, you should try the Discovery Center and bring a book. The activities are safe, entertaining, educational and physically exhausting that you are sure to go home with happy and exhausted kids who would just like to sleep when they get home. 🙂

the construction site

scaling the wall
let the kids play with water without having to clean up the mess!
having fun with hydraulics and understanding how oil drilling works
my nephew at the sports area playing basketball? or just staring at a basketball?… dunno
enjoying my puzzles


lost at the car track. asking for directions.

Sharjah Discovery Center
Al Dhaid Road, Al Gharayen Sharjah United Arab Emirates
+971 6 5586577

Aria with the birthday girl Chichi. Apparently my head got cut off.

5 thoughts on “Affordable and Educational- an afternoon at Sharjah Discovery Center”

  1. Just found this great article!
    There really isn’t enough out there about these great facilities
    I have one question tho – how crowded is the venue?
    if someone where to host a birthday there will the amount of children there be too much to manage


    1. The place was not very crowded when we went there. All the kids got enough time on the rides and got to use all the facilities without waiting too long. I am not sure about its popularity now. But my sister in law celebrates her kids’ birthdays there almost every year. You should go for a visit!


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