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Happy Weekend Everyone!

In the Middle East, the weekend falls on Friday and the weekday starts on Sunday. So whenever we talk about weekends, we always talk about Fridays and Saturdays.

I have started picking up my pens again and started doodling and hand lettering. I have become pretty idle with my hands which are usually full with Aria’s demands. I have observed that my lines become staggered whenever I go without practice. But still, here is something for the weekend!


Watercolor buildings

I love these watercolor works by my beautiful cousin in Australia. She’s the same cousin who took the black and white pictures of the beach that I blogged about before here. She’s one of the biggest influences on why I took up architecture and love sketching and watercolor.

Dont you just love watercolor prints?

Handwritten posters with song lyrics

I’ve been obsessing about hand lettering and typography lately and have been cyber stalking Sean Wes‘ work for the past few weeks. I’ve been working on a few of my own and been posting on instagram (if you want, you can follow me on instagram: rheyinthehouse).

My best buddy who lives in Florida asked me to make one for her with the lyrics to her wedding song. I thought I’d do one for myself too.

My wedding song was Anyone at all by Carole King. One of my favorite movies in college was You’ve got mail and this was on the soundtrack. I decided to use the lyrics from the chorus.

 photo handwriting-4_zps4b311cfe.jpg
I was looking for Micron pens in Dubai but couldn’t find a vendor that sells it. So I settled with these water and fade proof pigment ink felt tip pens from uni.
filling in the letters
the final product

Thought I’d sell some on Do you have any recommendations which songs I should make?



Living in hard times

been working on my lettering while on an internet sabbatical

We have been living without an internet connection the past two weeks and I realized just how much more resourceful I am without it. I have read 5 books in two weeks while taking care of my baby girl. DH also has started relying on the books we have on hand for his personal research.

But I am still thankful we finally got it reconnected!! I seriously need to get a job to help pay the bills.



Watercolor portraits

I’ve been doing a lot of handmade stuff the past few months. It not only helped save up on expenses but giving gifts that you made yourself makes it seem so personal and more thoughtful. Of course it really does make a difference if you make quality goods and it takes practice to perfect a craft.

I’ve been brushing up on my watercolor skills (not that I have a lot) ever since I got off work. My niece thinks I’m really good and thinks the world of me. She’s 7 by the way. But my rendering teacher in college thought otherwise or she would’ve given me better grades. I made portraits of my niece and nephews (i have 2) for my mom and dad and they really appreciated it. I told them my portrait of Aria would come by January when her distinguishable features become more prominent.

I first tried to find individual pictures with high contrast (distinguishable highlights and dark areas) and converted them in black and white in photoshop. I based my portraits on these. If you want to print them out that would be easier, but it isn’t necessary if you work with a laptop or if you can upload the tweaked picture in to your iPad.

These are my finished products.




Have you been getting your paint groove on?


Everybody loves instagram and I do not need to explain why. I’m a bit addicted too. I got my mom to start posting on instagram so that we can have a glimpse of what she does with her high-tech phones. She always gets the latest gadgets but does not know what do with them. I hope she gets used to posting so that when she goes back to the Philippines, we’d feel a little closer to her with her photo posts… ok, no drama for now.
I use my iphone 3gs or my ipad2. I think the Iphone4 or those new samsung galaxy phones have better resolution than the iphone 3gs. My mom has an Iphone4s. I sometimes steal her instagram photos and post them to my account… 🙂

I use instagram to post some of my doodles coz they look better “instagrammed”

or projectsI just finished or almost finished…

and of course, who doesn’t do this? the food I prepared or am about to consume…

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The habit of Focusing on one thing at a time

I tried, I quit and I have returned to try again.

At the beginning of the year, I dared myself to do a sketch a day. Although I a did manage to work on some doodles, I feel like I am not getting any better at it.   Should I recommit? Or should I just drop the project?

But my days of quitting are long gone and I promise to work on a sketch for 20 minutes a day… Michael Nobbs recommends getting a timer to help you focus. I think that is what I lack, focus… I may have the drive, but I lack the focus… I have been working at a company that encouraged multi-tasking so much i have lost the ability to concentrate…

Focus- Something to work on in 2012.

Unfinished sketches
Unfinished sketches
unfinished sketches

Will try to add more color and concentrate more when I do my 20 minutes with my sketch pad and pencil.