bday wishlist

Birthday wishlist

What is a birthday without a wishlist?

So I made a round up of the things that I would love to have on my birthday. Just simple things a certain someone can afford… *hint hint*

bday wishlist

1. A pretty green dress – I’ve been feeling frumpy throughout this pregnancy and a perfectly fitting dress would definitely lift my spirits. I don’t really have a green dress and I think this one looks great  Jersey Dress from Anna online

2. The green pair of shoes from Nine west on discount at Brands for less- I’ve been dreaming about these pair of shoes from Nine west since they were plastered on their ads along Sheikh Zayed Road a couple of years ago. I saw them on sale in my size at Brands for Less in Al Ghazal mall last month and it was very unfortunate that I had no money on me at that time. I still keep thinking about them up to now. I know I wont be able to wear them long after I’ve given birth, but they are so pretty and so green I really don’t care!

3. Watt’s up! soft focus highlighter from Benefit- I am not much of a makeup girl but I have great friends who are experts in the field. This highlighter will lighten up my dark face and conceal (or distract away) from my multiplying pregnancy mask (the dark areas of the face and neck). This would be great for pregnancy shots which reminds me that I still have not gotten my maternity shots and I’m giving birth in two months! Image from Benefit Cosmetics website.

4. Dinner at shake shack at the mall of the emirates- I’ve been hearing a lot about this place and for my birthday, I would love a carbo-loaded greasy dinner…

5. A million dollars- Ok so this last one is next to impossible from coming true but who said wishing should be cheap? 🙂

PS- my birthday is on the 16th but I usually make a big deal out of the whole month of October so this month my posts might be focused more on how special I am… 🙂 I’ll do my best not to…


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