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Locked out for a while…

i lost my password to this blog when I got back from vacation last year. its been almost 6 months! I tried starting a new blog at rachelscribbler.wordpress.com but ofcourse, as usual, I did not get to post much. I have ventured into deep motherhood mode with Aria starting nursery and a new bub on the way. My OB Gyne asked me if I was serious that I wanted four kids after watching Aria and Marcus trashing her office. I just laughed it out. But the chubhub gave me the serious talk about this being the last kid.

I don’t know. I still feel incomplete. I want four. But who knows? My heart might change after another year of sleepless nights and losing more of my sanity.



Here we go again- Trying to get a grip on time management

If having one kid was a challenge, wait till you have two kids!

I just gave birth (a week ahead of schedule) a month ago and our life is now a daily battle for normalcy… well at least my life is. I am so thankful my mom is here or I wouldn’t be able to bathe or give my daughter a bath, I wouldn’t be able to eat, or feed my daughter, and my house would become some sort of version of the smokey mountains. Right now, our little Mr Marcus – the new addition to the family, is the boss.

mama and marcus
me and the new boss

I am once again reminded about how much of a superwoman all the mothers are out there who raise their kids. A friend of mine recently gave birth by CS for the 5th time. They are not rich and they don’t have help. She does everything when she’s at home for the kids,and also works at a call center. Taking care of kids while recovering from a CS operation isn’t that easy. It was an easy recovery for me when I gave birth to Aria but the second time around, I cried because I couldn’t endure the pain on the third day. So I can’t imagine how it  must feel the 5th time around. That friend of mine is my hero of CS recoveries.

As with all new babies, the first month is always challenging. Sleeping is a challenge. Getting other things not related to baby done is a challenge. I’m always hungry. My boobs are sore. I feel sorry for Aria because I don’t get to spend enough time with her. Our house is a mess. I am a mess.

Oh well, I guess it all boils down to time management is what the chubby hubby says…though he immediately changed his mind once he volunteered to take care of both kids and let me sleep that one afternoon… and he finally admits that we have found ourselves (which means he will be really involved with taking care of the kids) quite a challenge in this phase of raising our family.

Good luck to us!