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Baby countdown midnight rambling

I have started my countdown to welcoming baby number 3 a few weeks ago. By counting down, what I really mean is making a mental list, writing down all some of the stuff in my head, forgetting where i placed the said list and getting nothing done. There’s a lot of prepping I know I need to do and I am no where close to being the perfect girl scout.

Baby number 3 is going to be a challenge with two toddlers under the age of 4 and Marcus (my second born) is currently trying to reestablish his position as baby of the family. He wants to sleep with only mommy and wakes up in the middle of the night looking for mommy. I am at that stage in my pregnancy when I cannot sleep when I need to and I seem to pass out when I shouldn’t. I feel sorry for Aria and Marcus. Sometimes I pass out when they really really need me like when somebody needs to get a certain toy which is out of their reach. I would wake up cranky and finally give in turning the TV on so I could get at least 30 minutes of sleep- which I have to be honest sometimes turn into an hour of snoozing.

Aria is now out of school and enjoying her first summer vacation. She doesnt understand the concept of a summer break yet and constantly ask about going to see her teacher. I let her try to find ways to entertain herself and that usually includes making a mess of whatever she could get her hands on. My house has never been clean for more than an hour since time immemorial. And lately i cannot be bothered cleaning up because of this big watermelon attached to my front. I am the size of a truck now. Searching for/Picking up things under the bed or even on the floor has now been assigned to Aria and Marcus. It takes five years to get that done since they have only started understanding the concept of prepositions. I have not given up training them yet and before this baby number 3 comes out, I will make sure that these two will be masters of doing things for me involving fetching things ‘under’ and  ‘out of’ anything.

I guess I am still not prepared to be a mother of 3 kids. I was never prepared even during the first time when Aria was born. But I am getting by and I can only hope I do not ruin my kids with all my failures as a mom. So baby number 3, Bring it On!

sleeping Aria in our first apartment
Aria sleeping when we brought her home for the first time in our first apartment.
Baby Marcus sleeping baby
Sleeping baby boy Marcus
Aria and marcus
More than a year ago, my babies were still babies…
Ate Aria and Kuya Marcus
My babies now… Aria and Marcus are now ate and kuya.

A day in the life of…

I like food. So when I found out that they had a festival for food in Doha, I knew I had to go and be there.

We decided to visit the second day because we were busy on the first day. The Chubby Hubby planned to meet us there from work and I brought the two kids with me from home. We didn’t expect these festivals to be so popular (Doha newbie here) because when we got there, it took 40 minutes to make the u-turn going to the venue. Chubby Hubby complained that he couldn’t find parking and that the organizers were turning cars away to go park somewhere else. So he tried to find parking outside the Museum of Islamic Art vicinity and found himself in a lot of competition with other QIFF attendees.

Meanwhile, the kids and I after being stuck in the cab for 40 minutes at that U-turn, decided to get down and just cross the street. I forgot that I was going to cross the street with a two year old and a little boy strapped to my body. Not to mention the baby bag and Aria’s backpack (which always ends up on my back). We managed though but the area where the event was being held was quite a walk from the entrance too and it didn’t take long until Aria started insisting I carry her.

At this point, I called the Chubby Hubby and asked where he was, to which he replies in an annoyed tone that he is still looking for parking.

It’s already been an hour and I haven’t sampled any food yet at the festival, which was taking its toll on me. But I was determined not to go home until I had experienced at least something with food. So I told the Chubby Hubby that I will be walking around with the kiddos to check the place out.

So I held Aria’s hand and navigated through the different stalls, looking at all the scrumptious looking food, salivating at every corner. I didn’t have enough cash with me at the time and I was saving up for something I felt I had to have. So I was being a stingy woman while I searched for that one thing I had to have in my mouth.

My daughter was thrilled to be outdoors but got bored and tired with all the walking. She would occasionally ask me to carry her to which I would reply that I can’t because I was already carrying Marcus. My little boy was already fast asleep while strapped to me and was snoring a bit.

We have been wandering for about 40 minutes when i decided to give the Chubby hubby another call to which he gave me the same annoyed answer. I concede and tell him that I’ll go and find him and that we could just go home. I was tired too because I haven’t eaten anything.

So I told my daughter that we are going to find her dad. She follows me for a few steps and then stops and insists that I carry her. I say ‘no’ and tell her why. She starts her tantrums. I walk away. She cries louder. People walking by ask if they can help me by carrying her. I politely decline because I know Aria will throw a fit if a stranger will carry her. She cries. I carry her. With Marcus strapped to me. In other words, I start carrying both my kids at the same time. One 15 Kg kid and another 8 kg kid.

I walk for a few minutes and put Aria down. She wants to be carried. She cries. I walk away. And the cycle repeats.

Marcus, bless his heart, was calm throughout the ordeal.

We finally reach the car about 10 minutes away from the park gates. I had both kids in my arms hoping the Chubby Hubby sees that I too had struggles of my own. But when we got closer, his car was empty. I put a distressed Aria down and checked my phone.

4 missed calls. MAAAAAN!

I immediately called back, and Chubby Hubby answers that he is inside and that he’s been trying to call me. I say, ok, I’ll go to him. Aria insists again to be carried.

SO I carry both kids back to the park.

Well, I had some good and not so great food that night. We stayed to watch the fireworks along the very beautiful Westbay skyline.

When we got home, my baby girl had a slight fever. I gave her some medicine and put her to bed and when I got back I saw her in convulsions. Seeing my daughter like that is the most terrifying thing  in my life. I called the Chubby Hubby. Aria loses consciousness and I was afraid to check so I asked him to bring her to the hospital. Tried to be as calm as I could but kept playing worst case scenarios in my head. I was in my jammies as I left Marcus with a dear friend and rushed after Aria and Chubby Hubby to the closest hospital (which was thankfully just a few doors away from our building). They, however, turned us away and sent us the Hamad Pediatric Emergency Center a few blocks away.

At the Emergency Center, they did tests to rule out as many infections as possible. We stayed till the wee hours of the morning and found out that she only had an ear infection and that her seizure was caused by her high fever. Apparently febrile convulsions are common in children from 6 months to 6 years. They happen without doing any damage to a child’s brain. Even though the doctor kept telling me that it is normal, it is still a scary sight. He gives me tips on how to handle the episodes and some medicine and sends us home. Thank God for health cards in this country! I wonder what it would be like if the same thing happened to us if we were in the Philippines.

She was fine earlier that day. I immediately felt guilty for putting my daughter through that just because I wanted so bad to be a part of the QIFF and had to be there.

We got home around 3 am. I didn’t sleep well and kept checking on Aria. She looked fine. As a matter of fact, she started snoring.

I whispered a prayer of thanks as I held her that early morning.

Here we go again- Trying to get a grip on time management

If having one kid was a challenge, wait till you have two kids!

I just gave birth (a week ahead of schedule) a month ago and our life is now a daily battle for normalcy… well at least my life is. I am so thankful my mom is here or I wouldn’t be able to bathe or give my daughter a bath, I wouldn’t be able to eat, or feed my daughter, and my house would become some sort of version of the smokey mountains. Right now, our little Mr Marcus – the new addition to the family, is the boss.

mama and marcus
me and the new boss

I am once again reminded about how much of a superwoman all the mothers are out there who raise their kids. A friend of mine recently gave birth by CS for the 5th time. They are not rich and they don’t have help. She does everything when she’s at home for the kids,and also works at a call center. Taking care of kids while recovering from a CS operation isn’t that easy. It was an easy recovery for me when I gave birth to Aria but the second time around, I cried because I couldn’t endure the pain on the third day. So I can’t imagine how it  must feel the 5th time around. That friend of mine is my hero of CS recoveries.

As with all new babies, the first month is always challenging. Sleeping is a challenge. Getting other things not related to baby done is a challenge. I’m always hungry. My boobs are sore. I feel sorry for Aria because I don’t get to spend enough time with her. Our house is a mess. I am a mess.

Oh well, I guess it all boils down to time management is what the chubby hubby says…though he immediately changed his mind once he volunteered to take care of both kids and let me sleep that one afternoon… and he finally admits that we have found ourselves (which means he will be really involved with taking care of the kids) quite a challenge in this phase of raising our family.

Good luck to us!

Sick mom

When I say “sick”, I am not referring to the sick awesome, sick “out of this world” great… I am referring to “i want to hit my head against the wall migraine” sick and “i just want to sleep” sick. But it’s so hard to be sick when you are taking care of a toddler who depends on you 24/7.

Aria was sick before I was sick. She kept me up at night from crying and her nose was blocked… Those nozzles that help you drain the mucous don’t work and my mom told me I just need to be the ‘mother’ and suck that mucous out with my mouth. And suck I did. It was salty and it wasn’t as disgusting as I imagined it to be… But when you see this smile in the morning when you wake up- having someone else’s mucous in your mouth seems all worth it.

sleeping aria- with some dried up saliva in her mouth. 

So maybe that got me sick… her germs gave me the sniffles and all I wanted to do all day was sleep. The house remained unkempt, laundry and ironing piled up and food had to have soup (or what we Filipino’s call sabaw) for a week. It’s really hard to be sick with a baby. You just can’t ignore and pray that she manage to take care of herself. You still need to change her nappy, give her a bath, breast feed, entertain… Although I manage 10 minutes of flopping her up in front of the TV and putting on an episode of Veggie tales. by the time Larry wants to sing his silly song, Aria wants me to put her down for a nap… And my migraine would not go and my nose was unstoppable until one evening when DH got home and offered to hold the bub, I collapsed onto the bed and never woke up till the next day. I have faint memories of breastfeeding that night but nothing clear. And I felt better after that night.


I would just like to thank April of alwaysbobswife.wordpress.com for nominating me for a “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award“. Here is the post for the nomination and I promise that I will pay it forward soon. 🙂


Baby booboos

My daughter’s vaccination started oozing out pus just the other day and she just wouldn’t stop crying. I did my best to comfort her but nothing eased the pain. She just got tired from crying and eventually fell asleep. But I couldn’t ignore the tugging at my heart as I thought of the pain that’s bothering her and she just couldn’t tell me about it.

My baby turned 6 weeks yesterday and here is her weekly photo-shoot. No tears this time. I had always planned to take weekly photos of Aria even before she was conceived. I’m finally fulfilling that one thing I wanted to do…

cuteness! (I’m such a stage mom!)

Adjusting to the whole motherhood thing

So I have been away from blogging the past month. Aria is now here and there is no way you can ignore it because she makes sure that you do not forget it…

Hoping that there will be more time soon.

Can’t believe that I’ve been a mother for almost 6 weeks now…

stretching at week 1
rocking it at week 2
dance moves at week 3
celebrating Christmas at week 4
feeling dainty at week 5