Beach, food and fun- Dubai Food Festival’s Beach Canteen

Last Wednesday, the chubby hubby and I were fortunate enough to witness the kick off to the Dubai Food Festival’s first ever Beach Canteen. The venue was at Kite Beach near the beach road which boasts of a clear view of the Burj al Arab.

The venue at kite beach. Dubai Food Festival Beach Canteen.
The beach canteen at Kite beach. Photo courtesy of used with permission

There are actually three beach canteen locations- Jumeirah 1 Open Beach, Kite Beach and Sunset Beach – and will be open from 27 February to Saturday, 8 March. Built from refurbished cargo containers, the Beach Canteen will serve up affordable fare daily from 16 restaurants across the Emirate.

When we got there and saw all the palatable possibilities, my pregnant heart did flip flops.

Salad from Saladicious at the Beach Canteen Dubai Food Festival
Salad from Saladicious
Coffee from Coffeol Dubai Food Festival Beach Canteen Kite Beach
From Coffeol
Caramel pudding from Hadoota Masreya at Kite Beach Dubai Food Festival Beach Canteen
Caramel pudding from Hadoota Masreya
Pizza from Giolitti Dubai Food Festival Kite Beach Beach Canteen
Chubby hubby happy with his pizza from Giolitti
Saladicious Pop up Beach Canteen Dubai Food Festival Kite Beach
Waiting for the hotdogs from Saladicious
Nutella pop from Saladicious Dubai Food Festival Kite Beach Beach Canteen
happy with my nutella pop from Saladicious

So if you are looking for a place to relax, hang out, PIG OUT, then head on out to the different venues of Dubai Food Festival’s Beach Canteens. Open Daily from 12 noon to 11 PM. They even have live music, table tennis and foozball!

Table tennis at the Beach Canteen in Kite Beach Dubai Food festival
Table tennis at the Beach Canteen in Kite Beach Dubai Food festival. pic from









More of MORE

So I ate there again…

Need i say more?

More cafe DIFC- Chiken pie, pumpkin soup and salad
pie, pumpkin soup and salad… with Rooibois apple ice tea

I wished I had ordered the butter chicken. My friend ordered the nasi goreng and I wanted to eat her order. The Pumpkin soup was absolutely delish though. The pie not so much.

All You Can Eat at Rainbow Steak House- the best affordable buffet option in Dubai

My husband and I are both big buffet fans. Whenever we have dinner plans that involves a buffet, we both prepare for it by eating light the entire day. When I say light I mean barely anything. So by dinner time we would be so famished, we can eat a house.

When we got the chance to try out the buffet at Rainbow Steak House for an anniversary date, my husband was so psyched, he did not eat anything at all. It was the first time for both of us to eat there, although I have heard about the place since I was a kid. My mom raved about their food but she never took me there. So I was happy to finally get the chance to experience first hand what she was talking about.

chubby valentine
my chubby valentine

We were thinking twice about going through with the date since Aria was still a little sick. I was feeling guilty about leaving her with the baby sitter for a night out with chubby hubby. But she was feeling a little better so we decided to just leave a little early. The restaurant was located between Hamriya and Mamzar. It has been a long time since we have gone to that part of the city so we got lost a bit. But it really isn’t hard to find. When we got there, they took us to a booth and asked us what we wanted to drink. Frank got an orange juice and I asked for watermelon. I didn’t want to drink anything carbonated so that I wouldn’t get too full too soon.

the typical private booths at Rainbow Steakhouse and Fresh Watermelon juice and Orange juice
1) the typical private booths at Rainbow Steak House 2) Watermelon juice and Orange juice

There was a wide variety of salads, main courses to choose from. They also had a grill and kebab station where you can choose what you want and they will grill it in your face right in-front of you. They can also put one of those kebab heater/boxes on your table to keep your grills hot. My favorite was the grilled salmon and the chicken kebab.

Left - Grill options at Rainbow Steakhouse- salmon, hammour, shrimp, squid and veggies. Right- the kebab box to keep your kebabs warm.
Left – Grill options- salmon, hammour, shrimp, squid and veggies. Right- the kebab box to keep your kebabs warm.
The perfect grilled salmon from Rainbow Steakhouse
that perfect grilled salmon
Lentil soup and Seafood soup.
Lentil soup and Seafood soup.

I’ve been craving for salads the past few weeks so I was delighted to see that they had numerous salad/appetizer options.

My salad/appetizer haul from Rainbow Steakhouse
My Salad plate

The one thing I noticed was that for a steakhouse, they didn’t have a lot of steak on their buffet. They had one though, which was DELISH. I didn’t bother asking if they had some you can order. I was already overwhelmed with the food available at the buffet.

The buffet at Rainbow Steakhouse
The buffet spread

For a buffet that costs less than AED 100, you are getting your money’s worth. Although the interiors are not that high end, the buffet is certainly good enough. And we are there for the food. Definitely. I didn’t get to try out everything though, I think I had too much salad and appetizers. But Frank raved about the turkey and ofcourse, the salmon.

I didn’t have space for dessert and only had space for one, so when I saw that they served Um ali, I went for just that. However, the staff came by our booth a little later to wish us a happy anniversary and to give us cake… And who doesn’t have space for cake?

Anniversary cake at Rainbow Steakhouse
happy me

Rainbow Steak House
Ground Level, Custom Building, Near Dubai Hospital, Al Muteena, Dubai

Hyu, me, Frank and Aria

I consider myself a ‘newbie’ when it comes to anything Korean and I do not have any idea what went into mine and Frank’s head when we decided to go and eat at a Korean Restaurant the other evening. All I know about authentic Korean food are the brands Peperro and Lotte, and ofcourse bulgogi and kimchi and Korean fried chicken. My long time friend who lived a few blocks from my old house always served bulgogi for us when we had dinner with them. My husband and I treasure those nights because we always came home with stomache(s) full and smiles on our faces.

I didn’t grow up knowing about Korean food. My curiousity with the delicacy was only piqued as an adult when we took a Korean supplier (who missed home food) to a restaurant near the office. It was my first time to eat bulgogi and the taste of the freshly cooked meat lingered in my mouth and in my mind as I went home that day.

The other evening, my husband and I were both hungry and had nothing to eat so we decided to go and have dinner out. We saw this new Korean restaurant (maybe not so new) behind Aroma Garden Restaurant in Oud Metha St and said we’d love to try the place. So we brought Aria and braved the new territory that is “Hyu Korean Restaurant”.

I have learned that one way to gauge about the authenticity of a place is to check the number of locals (local to the cuisine) who go and eat there. When we entered, the crew were Korean (even the Filipino looking ones) and the clientele were Koreans. The tables were arranged close to one another, and if you decide to be separate, the waiters/waitresses bring dividers and give you an instant privacy wall.

oh mommy, you’re so lovely!

When they asked us what we wanted, all I could say was bulgogi? (with a little uncertainty) and the waitress said ‘ah’. I also pointed out a series of other stuff (like fried dumpling) and rice.


Before they served our orders, small plates with free food came which included kimchi, some pickled potatoes, pickled onions (i think), omelette and some hard boiled eggs. Hurrah for free stuff!

dolston bibimbab (according to the menu!)
our bulgogi!

Ok so like I said, I am no expert with Korean food and I think the waitress had a feeling about it that she did all the mixing and serving for us. I thought that was really sweet.

It was a pleasant experience overall. The servings were plenty and I took home a doggy bag for all the extra food.

And to finish it all off- free iced coffee!!

papa, give me some!!

Hyu Korean Restaurant
Oud Metha Road
Behind Aroma Garden Restaurant, near the metro station.
04 3344294

Bennigans in Downtown Burj Boulevard

My mom left for Manila for good just last Saturday. Prior to that, I had been bawling my eyes out several times just thinking about it. But I love that so many people took her out to show their love and appreciation for the person that she is and I love that I got to tag along most of the time.

We went to Bennigans a few Fridays ago in Downtown Burj Khalifa because one of our friends wanted to take her out. Now this area is a bustling boulevard of restaurants that are waiting to be tried out BY ME. Everytime we drive through this road, I tell Frank that the voices in my head are telling me stop and eat. He tells me to just ignore them. But I do plan to try them all out. So many new places to go to. And the ambience is wonderful as it boasts a view of the Burj Khalifa.

Bennigans is a family restaurant that boasts an Irish hospitality with American size servings. And when our order came we had problems thinking of how to finish it because they were so big!

My mom ordered the Apple Pecan salad which was a typical salad with pecan and apples and yummy maple vinaigrette that really set it apart/above the usual salads. I helped her finish it. I had lamb chops on a bed of arugula with raspberry jam which I also finished all by myself.

apple pecan salad
the beautiful lamb chops on arugula that tastes as good as it looks

Three of our friends ordered the all you can eat beef, which is steak cooked to your desire that they replenish right after you finish. Frank had the salmon- which had two steaks and not the usual one slab of salmon steak on a plate.

all you can eat BEEF!

Frank thinking, ‘how will i finish this?’
Chicken steak
My friend Len whose drink has more liquid than her body does
Aria is always happy with food around!
the staff even gave us a birthday cake!

The company was great and the food was really good. I would definitely come back with family and friends and next time, I will advice them to share… but not with Me.

outside the resto.

Claren Towers, Emaar Boulevard, Burj Khalifa Area, Dubai
04 4517800

Girl time with a Triple chocolate cake and Strawberry Slushie

I’ve been posting a lot about my neice the past week and I just have to say it’s all a coincidence. No I had not planned on featuring my niece, as a matter of fact, I had not planned on a lot of things lately. But I am grateful for opportunities that do pop up and I ampraying will pop up some more in the future.

Meanwhile, during our trip to Dubai Mall, Chichi and I decided to have some girl time at Gloria Jeans.

talk about unlearning how to focus your camera!!! getting used to my DSLR after months of not picking it up.

We decided to order a cake and a slushie and went for their triple chocolate for the cake and strawberry for the slush.

Chichi all grown up
said slushie
said cake

Like all typical kids, my niece hates vegetables or anything that has color in it. I had no idea she didn’t like strawberry slushies. I had to force her to try it. And when she did, she was polite enough to say ‘it tastes like it has lots of flavors tita!’ Tita means aunt in Filipino.

The cake was heavenly and reminded me of a black sambo recipe my friend makes.

We talked about art… mostly about drawing ponies and my stash of art materials I never let her use.

i can’t believe this girl is already 8!!



Trying out a Japanese Bakery in Dubai

I am the kind of person that prefers to have a first hand opinion of everything. I have been hearing about Japanese pastries from my good friend Mitzie’s blog, that when I chanced upon a Japanese Bakery here in Dubai, I wanted to try it out for myself.

image courtesy of cosybites from

Yamanote Atelier is a Japanese Bakery located in the up and coming Wasl Square right next to Safa Park. We were driving from Medcare hospital for Aria’s checkup when I happened to see it and begged my friend to stop the car so I could check it out. As soon as we entered the bakery, I was inlove… with bread. Bread, bread everywhere!

You know that feeling in your stomach when something good is happening to you? I had that when I was inside the bakery and I wanted a bite of everything… but the prices of the buns stopped me from getting a piece of each. And my cheapskate heart had to be content with just a few items to try out.

interiors of yamanote. picture courtesy of Yamanote’s facebook page.

I went immediately for the hello kitty bun and the cafe boon. There were no regrets with those choices. However, I wished I didn’t go for their cheesecake since it wasnt my kind of cheesecake. I like my cheesecake big, creamy but firm. Theirs was small and a bit run down.

As much as I wanted to stay there and enjoy my bread, I had to get my order by take out since me and my daughter were both sick at the time.

cafe boon with a cream cheese filling!n oh delish!
hello kitty bun
strawberry cheesecake

Yamanote Atelier
Unit 16, Wasl Square (Al Wasl Road)
+971 4 388 1811