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Macro photography with my iphone

Currently enjoying some much awaited family time here in the Philippines. My brothers and I all live in different countries now and it is very rare that we get to be together, but with my dad’s health regressing we all knew we had to spend as much time with him as we could. So here we are with our families minus the chubby hubby who needed to stay behind in Doha because of work, spending time with our dad.

This post really isnt about my family. I just had some photos in my iphone that i wanted to share. The other day we stayed in Sinagtala farm resort in Orani, Bataan. It was a beautiful place overlooking Mt ararat. We rented a villa with four bedrooms. 

I love being surrounded with nature. It is very relaxing and soothing to be around so much greenery. But i am currently suffering from a lot of insect bites.

Decided to use my clip-on lens that i bought more than a year ago that i seldom get to use. Got some nice photos though.


bee in flower
taking this photo scared the bazinga out of me



A post birthday post

I had a quiet birthday just sleeping on my mom’s bed with Aria most of the afternoon. I didn’t blow any candles. I didn’t get to go out with friends. I just spent the day with my mom knowing that this is possibly the last birthday I would have to spend with her . Then we would live absolutely independent lives as soon as she leaves for Manila at the end of the month. Just thinking about it makes me feel all mushy inside. I am a bonafide momma’s girl.

The night before I went to global village with Frank and some friends and got home at almost midnight. Frank dropped off some friends while Aria and I waited for him in the kitchen. I didn’t go up since I wanted us all to go up together and I was kind of waiting for him to sing me a happy birthday as soon as he got home. But he didn’t. and so I went up with a huff by myself and was surprised to see a bouquet of flowers and three boxes of macarons from knightsbridge cafe. The man has learned to make me smile.

happy bday to me!