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Baby countdown midnight rambling

I have started my countdown to welcoming baby number 3 a few weeks ago. By counting down, what I really mean is making a mental list, writing down all some of the stuff in my head, forgetting where i placed the said list and getting nothing done. There’s a lot of prepping I know I need to do and I am no where close to being the perfect girl scout.

Baby number 3 is going to be a challenge with two toddlers under the age of 4 and Marcus (my second born) is currently trying to reestablish his position as baby of the family. He wants to sleep with only mommy and wakes up in the middle of the night looking for mommy. I am at that stage in my pregnancy when I cannot sleep when I need to and I seem to pass out when I shouldn’t. I feel sorry for Aria and Marcus. Sometimes I pass out when they really really need me like when somebody needs to get a certain toy which is out of their reach. I would wake up cranky and finally give in turning the TV on so I could get at least 30 minutes of sleep- which I have to be honest sometimes turn into an hour of snoozing.

Aria is now out of school and enjoying her first summer vacation. She doesnt understand the concept of a summer break yet and constantly ask about going to see her teacher. I let her try to find ways to entertain herself and that usually includes making a mess of whatever she could get her hands on. My house has never been clean for more than an hour since time immemorial. And lately i cannot be bothered cleaning up because of this big watermelon attached to my front. I am the size of a truck now. Searching for/Picking up things under the bed or even on the floor has now been assigned to Aria and Marcus. It takes five years to get that done since they have only started understanding the concept of prepositions. I have not given up training them yet and before this baby number 3 comes out, I will make sure that these two will be masters of doing things for me involving fetching things ‘under’ and  ‘out of’ anything.

I guess I am still not prepared to be a mother of 3 kids. I was never prepared even during the first time when Aria was born. But I am getting by and I can only hope I do not ruin my kids with all my failures as a mom. So baby number 3, Bring it On!

sleeping Aria in our first apartment
Aria sleeping when we brought her home for the first time in our first apartment.
Baby Marcus sleeping baby
Sleeping baby boy Marcus
Aria and marcus
More than a year ago, my babies were still babies…
Ate Aria and Kuya Marcus
My babies now… Aria and Marcus are now ate and kuya.

everyday struggles

I am feeling a lot better now. I hope the good days has finally arrived. I have been struggling with sleeping because of body pain though, but once I get that snooze, I can go for 10 hours straight…

I am struggling within myself to not blog too much about being pregnant. I dont want to be that woman who can’t stop talking about pregnancy. But it’s been such a great journey so far that I can’t help but share how happy and grateful I am.

My bump finally looks like there’s a small person growing inside instead of just being too full of ****. I am not a small person, so I have looked pregnant most of my married life. During my last trip to Manila, the man at the checkin counter asked me how far along I was infront of my entire family. I said, I wasnt pregnant, just fat. He couldnt stop apologizing when everyone started laughing and making fun of me.

fat fat fat!!!

I promise I will try not to talk much about pregnancy from now on. I will try…

I made a booboo with my last post. Originally I thought designer Tashi Tsering was a girl. So I published my last post with that in mind. He messaged me and told me that there was a problem with my post… that he was actually a guy… booboo!!!