at the Grote Markt, Brussels Belgium

Why I was too tired for Brussels – the last leg of our Eurotrip

Who would have thought that after our recent trip I would finally admit to myself that I am getting older. It really is exhausting traveling with two little babies and a grown man who wants to be babied (kidding). I based my plans on my first Eurotrip in 2009. I was 6 years younger then and got to visit more than 8 cities in 14 days. Now, I want to stay in one city in 14 days! Time can really change you. And babies can really change you.

I feel like we treated Brussels quite unfairly. Chubby hubby was too tired to explore and was going through some serious carbo withdrawal. He was constantly looking for places where he can eat rice. I was too tired to take pictures, so I took out the camera less. The kids, well, they were the same. But us adults, the excitement of being in Europe was kind of wearing off. And I hate to say that I was looking forward to sleeping in our bed back in Doha.

When I was thinking of visiting Belgium, I was looking forward to visiting a chocolate factory and stuffing my face with waffles. I didn’t get to do either. When we went to the chocolate place that offered a tour, they had it on a different day. I just bought myself some chocolate to eat when I got the munchies (which happened the next day). I did get to eat some waffles, twice on the same day.

I didn’t get to see any museums, or discover anything new. We spent half of our last day in Brussels at the train station, just waiting for time to pass us by. I think it would have been an amazing city to explore if we only had the energy. I would have also done a little side trip to Brugges.

Til next time Brussels!


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