How not to manage your blog

If there is one thing I have been doing for a long time that I am not doing very well at, it is blogging. Yesterday, I got my 1000th like in this blog. It took 3 years?! to get 1000 likes for me. I swear once I got that notification, I did a little dance.

It doesn’t really bother me though… that I am slow in growing this blog. I have to be honest that there are a couple of times I wished I could be a bigger celebrity blogger. But right now, I have other priorities that are taking up a big chunk of my time. I have done research upon research on how other mommy bloggers are making a name for themselves, with post after post on time management, crafting, pinning, cooking, etc. some of the tips I tried to apply. And they never really worked for me.

I keep finding myself waiting for the kids (2 small and one grown up) to fall asleep and then I spend my me time blogging. It might be at 2 am, or at 5 am. Sometimes, that ‘me time’ never comes.

I am also not a blog whore. I find it so hard to promote myself. I envy those who can. If I could hire someone to promote me, I would. But then, I would need money for that and money I do not have. Maybe after a few more posts, I could start whoring my blog. Maybe… or not. whatever.

I find it so hard to finish posts too. There are times I try to write a post and then the baby starts to cry. I let him cry for a little while and then that cry turns to a wail. And I know I wont be a good mom if I let that wail turn into vomiting. So I stop and lose my momentum. And when I try again, I just can’t seem to find the ending to a post.


PS. this is the perfect example of that last paragraph… But I’ll post it anyway.




3 thoughts on “How not to manage your blog”

  1. You are a mother of 2 small tots, a wife and a blogger all at the same time and that is a little too much to handle, really. My boys are big and still sometimes I feel like blogging is the last thing I want to do. The beauty about blog is it is yours to do as you please when you want. I’m sure you’ll pick up once the babies are a bit bigger 🙂


    1. Thanks Ida. I love how you guys always have encouraging things to say. I know this is just a phase. and then when the kids are bigger and I do have the time, I will not be blogging because I feel lazy. hehehehe


      1. I happened to me last summer. I practically stopped blogging altogether for 4 months. Roberto actually talked me into it again. You’ll find your mojo back 🙂


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