Coca Cola Life in Brussels

An episode on the Confessions of a Coca Cola Addict

I come from a coca cola drinking family. We drink more coke than any other liquid. Which is why it certainly is not a surprise that both my parents are diabetic and that I am probably heading down that road. I was gestational diabetic with all my pregnancies and that is always lots of fun with all the cravings way out of control.

The chubby hubby and I are trying to find ways to inculcate a healthy lifestyle into our lives. One of the ways we are trying is to cut back on all the sodas. Our rule is that nobody buys soda for the house. Our exception is that if someone else buys the soda for us, we can drink it. And that seems to happen a lot. Maaan!!!!

I have stopped ordering coke whenever we eat out. How I wish Burger King and McDonalds served brewed ice tea with optional sugar syrup. I always skip the syrup. Ok, not always, once in a while. But i put very little when I don’t.

Stumbled upon this green coca cola on our recent trip. They branded it coca cola life. It’s suppose to be a healthy version of the regular coca cola because the sweetener used is Stevia, not aspertame. Now being in a diabetic family, I am familiar with all the artificial sweeteners and right now, we are on the Stevia phase, so its a win for me. I wonder when this will ever come to the Middle East.

Chubby hubby bought me one, and because I have been craving for soda in the freezing weather, i gulped down the coca cola life like everything depended on it. And for that brief 20 minutes of consumption of a 500 ml bottle, I was utterly and completely satisfied.

Happiness achieved.

Coca Cola life in Brussels
Trying out Coca Cola life in Brussels. Please ignore the baby with his eyes covered

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