Bonjour Paris!!

I have always envisioned myself in a fancy hat, colorful scarf, leather boots and a black trench coat when i come to visit Paris for the first time. I would take that selfie in front of the eiffel in coordinated clothing. But life never goes as planned, and there i was in Paris in a mommy shirt, ill fitting pants a purple jacket you cant miss, rubber shoes, a bonnet i borrowed from a friend on my head, and a baby in a wrap glued to my chest…

Travelling with two kids is no joke. My booger (Aria) thinks its time to let out her ill feelings when the bear (marcus) starts to cry. Pooping has also become a sport with both of them trying to upstage the other.

Taking the metro is also no picnic. Paris trains go way deep. Most stations dont have elevators or escalators. We usually hold up the commuters when we let the booger take the stairs by herself. So we carry her most of the time and she weighs a ton. I think i might have already lost a kilo or two.

We tried a walking tour and we didnt last ten minutes. By the time we started walking to the 2nd stop, both kids were throwing tantrums we left the group out of shame.


But I had the time of my life in Paris. I got to see the city i have loved even before i got to see it. And its as enchanting as i imagined. We even got to experience snow flurries for the first time and the booger was so happy she couldn’t stop giggling. So many things crossed off of my bucket list in just a few days.

So thankful to have a chubby hubby who makes fulfilling my dreams as part of his dream. ❤️❤️❤️ happy anniversary!



7 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris!!”

    1. will you be traveling with kids? spring is the best time to visit Europe but that’s the start of tourist season so prices might be high. And don’t bring too much clothes! Heavy luggage slows you down!


      1. Me, son and the folks. Going to visit the sister in Sweden first, then am totally going to make use of the Schengen visa to the max. I am so excited already.

        Will remember the heavy luggage tip.


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