booger and bear

A moment of solitude… not!

I thought I had about an hour or two this morning to have my quiet time when the little bear (marcus) just stirred when I got up and went back to sleep. I thought, this is my chance! my chance for some alone time. So I went and took the clothes out of the dryer and cleaned up a bit in the kitchen. As I settled in the living room to do some reading, the booger (aria) started crying. It started as a whimper and then progressed into a full blown out howl. She just wanted some more milk, so I told her I’d make her some. She stopped crying immediately after I gave her a bottle but then the bear started crying and would only stop if I carried him… I was still determined to have my alone time so I changed his nappies and nursed him.

He went back to sleep. I checked over the other kid and she was asleep too. Yay!

I went back to the living room, read a few lines and then my daughter screamed for me, waking up the other dude.

As I trudged to the bedroom, I said to myself ‘there goes my morning’.

And there it really went.


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