Souq Waqif at night

Souq Waqif and some good photos

About two weeks ago, Sanne of The World According to Mitzie Mee, one of our blogger friends from Dubai came to visit Doha for a visa run and asked me and Noemi of Pinay Flying High to take her to one of the authentic Doha places we know. I swear, I racked my brains trying to come up with some place new and couldn’t think of anything ‘must-see’. When the day Sanne arrived, the plan was just to take her to Gerry’s grill in Al Nasr for lunch. However, Noemi took her to Souq Waqif instead which was the one best place to take someone visiting Doha for the first time. I also got the chance to see the place during the day and it is as beautiful as it is during the evenings.

Souq Waqif at night
Souq Waqif at night

I took my parents there while they were here and they fell in love with the place too. Mom says it reminded her of the old Deira and Bur Dubai where we use to walk around when we were kids.

I promised I’d go back and take photos once I get a good camera. I now have a good camera but my arms are rarely free. But I got some photos the last time I was there which weren’t so bad.

souq waqif (1 of 17)
Parrots a plenty at Souq Waqif
A hamster at Souq Waqif
Hamster anybody?

Mom asked me to take her picture while strolling.

Mom at souq waqif
Mom exploring the shops

Ofcourse I had to have pictures of my favorite subject- my daugther.

Aria at Souq Waqif
Poopoo Aria?

I swear, I have already been here for more than half a year and there are still so many places I have never been to. But now, it is already a given that Souq Waqif is a favorite spot and I will definitely bring (or take?) there everyone who comes to visit.


You should check out Noemi’s post on Things to Do in Doha: Travel back in time in Souq Waqif and Sanne’s post on Doha: Souq Waqif.


3 thoughts on “Souq Waqif and some good photos”

  1. It’s beautiful at night with all those lights. But if you want to go there when it’s not too crowded, daytime is much better.

    I’ve always been there at night (bec of work).


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