Europe on the extreme side of Cheap-O

We are going to Paris!!!

I just had to get that out of my head.

Chubby hubby has decided to take me to Paris to celebrate our 5th year as husband and beautiful wife. I have always been vocal about my desire to travel but didn’t put too much hope on its possibility. You see, my husband, is an Ilocano, meaning he comes from an ethnic group in the Philippines who are known for their thriftiness. He is not that extreme, but he is thrifty. So something as extravagant as a trip to Europe was not something I thought he would really do for me.

But he got me to work on our visas and we finally applied and got it.

And now the plane tickets and hotels are finalized. We just need to get our train tickets booked.

Its hard to plan for someone thrifty. You have to look for everything cheap- bargain hotels, cheap travel alternatives, cheap flights. Chubby hubby once traveled on a round trip ticket to Manila for QAR 1200 (USD 330) on a very low cost plane. The route involved a 6 hour lay over at one of the worst airports in the world. The flight back was delayed by an ample amount of hours and when he noticed the check-in staff was directing everyone to check in at a nearby hotel he told them that he had to be back the next day so they got him straight flight back on another plane.

While trying to book for train tickets to Brussels and Amsterdam, he was surprised at the rates and asked me to check for alternate ways to get to the cities. Chubby hubby is the kind of guy who would rather take a 6 hour bus ride to save on money than spend more on the train ticket to save on time.

We are still arguing about that.

But I am so happy happy happy we are getting away. This is the first trip we are taking to celebrate our anniversary. Our previous anniversaries were usually spent sleeping and watching tv.

One more week to go and i will get to practice the very few french phrases I know. Yay!


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