How to avoid posting anything too emotional online

Finish writing, take a deep breath and go and do something else.

Then come back and see if the post is really worth sharing.

I have been reminding myself that everything I post online, stays online. Since I am a very emotional person, I tend to update my FB stats or write a blog post about exactly how angry I am or how frustrated I am or how happy I am. Sometimes I post something too personal. Sometimes, I post something too shallow. I know it can get annoying when we over-share. So lately, I have been exercising a lot of self control in my life online. If I really need to vent, I find a friend I can talk to.

My pregnancies have always been packed with a lot of hormones but compared to my first, the latest one was more subtle when it came to over-sharing online. I am proud to say that I did manage to exercise some self control. Yippeheyhey! Need to be an example to these kiddos.

Aria and Marcus hanging out
Aria and Marcus Hanging out



6 thoughts on “How to avoid posting anything too emotional online”

  1. so true! gosh! now that i have some people i work with on my fb, i try to think a 100 times before i post anything. and yes, talking to a friend offline helps a lot! a glass of mojito and margarita help, too!

    cheers to motherhood and hormones and kalat and warring kids (soon)!


  2. They are so adorable both of them! It is tough in the beginning, all mothers can vouch for that. Good to hear your Mom is there to help out as well! I am also guilty of posting too emotional posts, especially angry ones that I have to delete afterwards and I try to avoid posting stuff after a few drinks as nobody knows how that will end…! xxx


  3. hi I saw your comment from Lou’s blog and I blog hop from there. you must be friends with Ken and lady since you are a member of bloggers in the city.

    We can always chose what to share and finding a friend to call when you want to vent is a good idea, even stroll in the park will help. beautiful babies you got there.


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