My new favorite sushi restaurant- Neo Restaurant

Two friends were discussing eating sushi over Facebook the other day and I invited myself (and chubby hubby and Aria) to their date. They couldn’t say no since the post was public and it would be quite embarrassing to decline my invitation  to myself to join them. hahaha Although I did really ask if it was okay, and they reassured me that it was fine. I hope my fb friends wont feel too threatened about this habit of mine. I really don’t mind if you say No.

I always try to find ways to eat sushi and thought this was a good idea to find something new. One of my friends said that this place was the best in Doha. When we got there and I tried out their sushi, i found out that she really wasn’t kidding.

Neo restaurant is located along Salwa Road in Souq Najd which is right next to Jarir Bookstore. They have been awarded the best Japanese restaurant in Doha by Time Out in 2013. What is great about the place is the accessibility and the wonderful interiors.

Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Outside the restaurant
the Lobby of Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Restaurant Lobby

It is always advisable to call and get reservations. When we got there they were fully booked for the evening, but since we were early and some of the other bookings were a little later, and probably because our friends were VERY FREQUENT guests, we were given a table.

Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Ordering our food
Sleeping inside Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Aria was asleep when we got in.

They had an Eat-all-you-can option that evening for QAR 150 and I went for it without blinking twice. They served their best selling maki and ebi for that option and I thought I would be able to eat another round. I ordered green tea to warm my tummy as I had my sushi- thinking it would help me eat more. I forgot about the baby in there who is taking up a big chunk of space. So I didn’t get to eat another round and just ordered a second helping of their maki with mango.

Table setting at Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
My table setting
Tea at Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
Green Tea with my sushi
neo restaurant (9 of 12)
Chubby hubby’s mojito

We also ordered a shrimp tempura which came before the main platter.

Shrimp Tempura at Neo Restaurant in Salwa Road
What was left of our shrimp tempura
neo restaurant (10 of 12)
Our initial EAT ALL YOU CAN platter. My favorite was the maki with mango slice skin which is the bright yellow roll at the bottom left

They also served a some truffles for dessert. There wasn’t place in everyone else’s tummy so I ate most of it.

neo restaurant (12 of 12)
Belgian chocolate and Oreo Truffles

The food was really good and fresh. I love that their Eat all you can option included their best sellers and not just their plain makis and ebis. I wished they had some sashimi in there so that I could have tried it. Maybe next time… definitely next time.

Neo Restaurant
Salwa Road, Souq Najd
Doha Qatar
t: +974 44322539 / 44322508
f: +974 40297041


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