House updates

I wouldn’t really call our house a house… more like a room. But its bigger than most flats (studio and one bedroom apartments) I have seen in Dubai. If this room was available in Dubai, they would have partitioned it to four rooms, each room having 2-3 people in it. So I guess I can refer to it as a house.

Our room/house is coming along. NO painting has been done yet since I really needed to tackle the badly installed, old, peeling wallpaper. I had already talked to a freelance contractor to get it removed and painted and he has already surveyed the work and given me a price. But the day we both agreed that he start working, he didn’t show up. What a douche! Anyway, I just found him online and called him. I guess it really is better to find someone recommended by a friend. The problem is, I don’t have much of a network here. I really should get out more.

SO here are some pics of the room with the furniture we bought (mostly from Ikea). I have so much storage space now that I really miss my crap back home. I miss bookcases full of books and cabinets full of my art and craft stuff. Now, I can’t even fill up one shelf with the books that I have left. I am itching to go and buy some new ones, but I have plenty of ebooks at the moment that I want to finish. So I am putting that off for now.

I took pics from all four sides of the room so that all angles are visible.

house update 1
From the angle facing the door.

We arranged the TV/sofa lounging area as soon as you enter the room. The chubby hubby wanted a leather sofa but was too cheap to buy the real one so we get the faux leather one from Ikea. I wanted a corner sofabed to prepare for when we have family coming over in a few months when I give birth. But ofcourse, he was the one spending so he got his way. The sofa is pretty sleek with its contemporary lines. I didn’t want something bulky and masculine looking. If I had my way I would have bought the stockholm leather sofa from Ikea. That was really pretty.

We covered the houseshaped mirror with the TV cabinet/shelf. That was an ugly shaped mirror. Then we placed the dining table near the window.

house update 2
The window side of the room

We used the freestanding wardrobe as a divider to block the sleeping area from view when you open the door. What sucks is the backside is unfinished. I am planning to paint it or cover it with those vinyl rolls that you can buy from Ace hardware (no ace hardware here yet so I guess it will take me 10 years to find a shop that sells those vinyl rolls and another 2 to finish the job).

The door beside the entrance is actually a door to the adjoining room. Ofcourse we never open it and I am also planning to cover that up with three big canvasses on top of one another. Or maybe get a custom made frame and cover with fabric. I give this project about 3 years to finish.


house update
The side beside the door facing the window

My study table is sandwiched between the dining area and Aria’s play area, although we cannot really contain where she would like to spread out the very few toys she owns. The curtains are courtesy of the previous tenant and although fuchsia isn’t really my color, I would have to do with it for now until I decide on a pair from Ikea (probably). I love this study table from Ikea with the pull out return. Although my desk is quite bare, with just the essentials on top of it (i miss my clutter), I still want to imagine that I will be busy with crafting and sewing and being creative with my hands one of these days. Beside it is my ‘oh too bare’ bookshelf. le sigh.

house update 4
the view from the side of the door

My walls really need some art. I miss my frames. Aria likes to watch her shows (actually just one particular episode from Hi-5) from everywhere- the sofa, her Poang chair from Ikea, the dining table, the study table, the tent, her green chair, the bed… its fun being a kid. While we were in Ikea, the chubby hubby asked me why I haven’t bought any frames yet to decorate the room. I wanted to but deep inside I knew just needed to deal with the walls first…

So there is my house tour. Thought it would take me while to get this post done. But I finally did it. Yay to me!



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    1. hey thanks. would love to give you a tour IRL. decoupage really sounds interesting. I would have to find ideas on what collage to put… thanks for the suggestion.


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