Not much happening here in Doha and other things

I have to admit, I am living a pretty quiet life. Although my days are filled with laundry, housework and playtime with the kiddo/s (that includes pretend eating with Aria and rubbing my tummy to bond with the baby) I haven’t done anything interesting lately. So far, the highlight of my stay in Doha is the furniture shopping (in Ikea of course) and finally getting a nespresso (ordering one was such a breeze!). Aria was also sick the week before and this week, I was the one with the asthma so that was two weeks of staying indoors and pretty much doing nothing. It’s also Ramadhan and too wicked hot outside to go out during the day…

Nespresoo U milk Doha
One of the highlights of my stay- my nespresso u milk

Oh and we found out we are having a boy!

I am now 29 weeks along and getting heavier. I do need to start dieting after the bub comes out of the belly. I was looking around for exercise classes I could take near our house so that I could start as soon as I give birth.So many things to discover here and I am doing such a slack job at the discovering thing.

The chubby hubby and I are trying out a green smoothie routine and we are already in the fourth day. However, we ran out of greens today so we didn’t get to drink our ‘green’ smoothie. Aria loves them and tries to steal a sip or two from our drinks. Oh well, atleast she gets a good amount of greens into her system. All of the recipes I used are a result of rummaging through whatever we have in the fridge. Just chopped them all up and separated them into sandwich bags and hoped they taste good. I have had success with all of the mixtures and we haven’t had any smoothie that made us want to gag yet. Yay to us!

Our green smoothie the other day- spinach, bananas and ripe mangoes
Our green smoothie the other day- spinach, bananas and ripe mangoes

I’ll probably share my green smoothie recipes one of these days… when I’m not too busy rubbing my belly. lol


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