Sushi Platinum platter at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

What I noticed about most of the sushi places near the Nasser area is that they are fused with Korean food. I love Korean food and I also love sushi so that fact is actually a super plus for me.

When we went for our gelato date the other night, I saw Yee Hwa in the same building as FLOR gelato. The chubby hubby immediately bragged about having eaten there when we weren’t here yet and how much he enjoyed the big bento boxes. The pregnant woman, namely ME, did not want to be one-upped by the hubby so I immediately made a fuss about how he needed to bring us there or I will throw a tantrum.

So the other night, we decided to go and have a platter of sushi at said restaurant.

Chubby Hubby and Aria on the way to Doha Downtown
On our way to Doha Downtown

I didn’t really look much into the interiors since the place was quite packed when we got there. I thought that must be a good sign because it means the place is popular hopefully because of the food. We were given a table near the door but it was not in the way of most of the people coming in. They offered a good selection of Korean and Japanese food but since we weren’t that hungry I opted (yes I was the one making the decisions that night) for a sushi platter, a pot of green tea and a glass of green milk tea for Aria.

Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown

Deciding what to get on the menu from Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown
Deciding what to get on the menu

The chubby hubby and I liked the practice of the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese where they drink a hot pot of tea with their meal. This is actually something he learned while on our 2011 trip to China.

I love that even though we didn’t order any Korean food, we still got free Banchan dishes and I devoured the kimchi immediately. :p

Banchan Dishes with our green tea at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown
Banchan Dishes with our green tea

The sushi arrived a few minutes after and it was really good. I loved the california maki rolls since it had both avocado and mango in it. The iced green milk tea was also pretty good, however I did not get to take a picture. I think it tasted like it had macha in it which gave it that distinct flavor from the usual green tea.

Platinum Sushi platter at Yee Hwa, Doha Downtown
Our Sushi Platter
California Maki from Yee Hwa, Downtown Doha
California Maki

The prices are quite reasonable compared to most restaurants associated with hotels. But it is not cheap if you really think about it. But I do believe you get your money’s worth. We are planning to come back on their ‘all you can eat sushi night’ or one of their Korean BBQ nights sometime soon.

Yee Hwa
Doha Downtown Hotel, Al Nasser, Doha


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