The Gelato place just around the corner- FLOR Gelato Italiano

Our first few evenings in Doha consisted of walking around the neighborhood. It was surprising to see that the place we are staying in is just a stone’s throw away from a lot of eating establishments. One hot and humid evening, the pregnant woman, also known as ME, wanted something cold so the chubby hubby brought us to a gelato place a block away from the house.

If you have been reading my blog or if you know me personally, you know i love sweet things, especially ice cream. I was actually craving for some froyo but we didn’t have a car during our first few weeks so we had to resolve to walking and hailing cabs to get around during that time. But I was glad I got to try FLOR gelato because the taste was SO authentic and I had no qualms once the guy behind the counter offered us a free taste.

Flor-Gelato-Downtown Doha
left: The branch at Doha Downtown, right: the difference between artisan gelato and ice cream

I didn’t know they had this brand in Dubai, but it was located in Aquaventure Atlantis, and I’ve only been there less than 5 times. They are an artisanal gelato and use only fresh milk, cream and natural ingredients. Like I said we got a lot of free taste (happy pregnant woman here), and I had a hard time choosing which flavors I wanted to get. One notable flavor was the melon, which really tasted like sweet fresh melons perfect for the hot summer.

Flor Gelato Italiano Doha
Ordering at the counter
Flor-Gelato-Downtown Doha
Chubby hubby: what should i get?, Aria: Ma, I think I need two spoons for this.

Since I was looking for something sour (froyo sour) I ordered a mixture of pomegranate and tiramisu. Perfect balance of sweet and sour. The chubby hubby ordered the melon and pistachio. Aria just ate from both our orders.

Flor Gelato Italiano Doha
Pomegranate almost finished in this pic
Flor Gelato Italiano Doha
Enjoying our gelatos
Aria's faces of Flor-Gelato-Downtown Doha
Aria’s different faces of Gelato

Flor Gelato Italiano
Doha Dowtown Hotel, Al Nasser, Doha


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