Jollibee in Doha! Now its time for that burger steak

Ready to order at Jollibee Doha
Ready to order

One of the things the chubby hubby was really excited about when we arrived was when he would be able to take us to Jollibee Doha. During our last vacation, I ate at Jollibee almost everyday and I ordered only one thing- their two piece burger steak. There really isn’t anything VERY special about their burger steak. It is just two burger patties with mushroom gravy but I LOVE IT! I blame the baby in my tummy.

If you have never heard about Jollibee, it is the most popular fastfood chain in the Philippines. More popular than Mcdonalds. I think Jollibee is one of the things Filipinos are very nationalistic about.

mcdo jollibee meme
photo taken from

There are three branches in Qatar (and Dubai is still taking time to get one!). They have one in Al Khor which is a 45 minute drive away, Al Meera and Al Rayyan. I still have no idea which one we went to but I know it is less than a 10 minute drive from our place. And I do know now the address where we live! pat on the back to me!

Jollibee Doha
Hello Jollibee!

I ordered my burgersteak with spaghetti and chubby hubby ordered his with palabok. I love that they have coke floats here! happyness! I didn’t bother taking pics of my food since all I really wanted to do was sink my teeth into that burgersteak. Aria was equally happy sharing my spaghetti with me. I also ordered a yum burger.

My verdict- The food is pretty similar to the ones they serve in the Philippines. I think it has to do with the cooking oil that they use. I loved my yum. I thought it was better than the ones back in the Philippines. The cheese was oozing unlike the ones in Manila where you actually have to ask where did the cheese go? The spaghetti was less sweet, and that was exactly how I wanted it.

Yum burger oozing with cheese
Cheese oozing out of my yum burger… ooh lala!
Aria and jollibee
Aria waiting for us to say our prayers before eating

On another evening, the chubby hubby bought a bucket of chickenjoy and what we got was slightly overcooked. That disappointed us a bit. However, I would still like another try of that burger steak before I make a final verdict… Maybe tonight?


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