My first encounter with Turkish Shawarma

The first time I had Turkish food was at Mado in Dubai Financial Center where I use to work and I was hooked. I love the taste and its loaded with carbs so you get filled up fast.

What I noticed about most areas in Doha is the abundance of Turkish food. There are so many Turkish cafeterias in all of the places we have driven to and one evening the hubby got us to try some of their shawarma. I don’t think Mado serve it so I was intrigued with what made it different from the regular shawarma I usually had.

Chtoura Restaurant in Doha
Chtoura Restaurant… and they also serve Filipino food!

When our order arrived, the shawarma was around 14 inches long! The chubby hubby laughed when I asked him if I could finish it… but I did finish it with Aria’s help… and ofcourse, with the help of the baby in my tummy. 🙂

Turkish shawarma
Big ass shawarma wrapped in foil
Aria trying to get the shawarma from my hands
Aria trying to get the shawarma from my hands

The sauce had tomato in it, unlike most of the shawarmas I have tried in Dubai. The chubby hubby surprisingly didn’t finish his. We put him to shame.

Aria;s big bite
Aria and her big bite

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