Broadcasting live from Doha… a place of endless possibilities

We are finally here. After months of moving, packing, unpacking, repacking and throwing stuff out and giving some away, we are finally here as a complete family. The chubby hubby arrived almost two months before we did and we arrived less than a week ago. Our new home is missing a big number of things but I am just happy we are together. The weeks we were away from one another was not something I enjoyed, probably because of my pregnancy hormones, and the fact that Aria was pretty much getting sick of me. But now, balance is somewhat restored to our small but growing family.

Doha reminds me so much of Dubai when I was young- with the old buildings and stores that aren’t inside the malls. The room we are renting is in a really old villa with a 70’s vibe. Our actual room is bigger than most one bedroom flats and the walls have rounded corners. Why they are rounded, I don’t know, but it does post an interior design challenge. Aria is enjoying the really big space and spends a lot of her day running around the room because we don’t have much furniture yet and there really isn’t any shelf she can pull things out from.

We bought her a small table and a chair from Ikea (thank God they have IKEA here!) and she has added sitting at the table and pretending to read as part of her daily itinerary.

I miss Dubai… not the place but the people. I miss my brother and his family… The people I encounter everyday… The people I see every week… The people who made Dubai my home for the past 24 years… Only 3 people got to see me off at the airport when we left- my sister in law, my 1 year old nephew and a really good friend. I was actually relieved about that since it made leaving so much easier. I cried on the plane though. 24 years. There’s a lot of memories in there.

Here I am now- slightly settling in- thinking of the many possibilities that our stay here has to offer. Although a big chunk of me is missing so many people terribly, I am grateful that our family- the chubby hubby, Aria, and me are complete. That’s all that matters now.

20140623-234645-85605796.jpgour makeshift dining area


4 thoughts on “Broadcasting live from Doha… a place of endless possibilities”

    1. It really reminds me of Dubai when I was growing up. Taking my time to explore and with Ramadhan coming up, there isn’t much to do right now. Im going to try to keep everyone posted.:)


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