Trying Out Pierre Herme Macarons for the first time- and my first and probably last vlog

I have passed by Pierre Hermé for several times now and have gawked at their macarons for a few minutes each time. I never really thought I’d buy one because the shop is inside La Fayette in Dubai Mall and everything inside that store is expensive and we are cheapskates most of the time so we just never thought of buying something expensive that can be gobbled up in seconds…

However the other day, while I was gawking yet again at their oh so good looking macarons, the foodie monsters inside me told me to ATLEAST BUY ONE! So I looked around, didn’t see the chubby hubby, took out my wallet and chose one BIG macaron from their shelves. The woman behind the counter thought I’d eat it there but I really wanted to take it home and savor each bite.

Pierre Hermé takeaway bag from La Fayette.
My Pierre Hermé takeaway bag… it looks so exquisite.

My baby girl had been sick all weekend and I have been preoccuppied with so many things that it took a few days after before I finally got the chance to try out the macaron. When I opened the box, it was still in perfect condition. Although some of the filling has melted into the tissue, everything still looked as impeccable as it did when I first bought it. I just had to sigh and smile to myself.

Pierre Herme packaging- the closed box and the tissue
the packaging

While I was taking a picture of the packaging, Aria was trying to get in on the action.

Aria trying to get a hold of my Pierre Herme box
Aria: Ma, is this for me? Mama: Nope babe, its for me

I took a video of me eating it, thought it would be a funny segment of me eating stuff for the first time. So before anybody starts commenting about the fat girl in the video, I have to say I have already started to gain a few pounds which I blame on the baby growing inside me…

Pierre Herme Macaron in hazelnut praline
Why hello there my beautiful friend? Ooh lala!

5 thoughts on “Trying Out Pierre Herme Macarons for the first time- and my first and probably last vlog”

  1. I give you 2 thumbs up for the vlog! (especially love the back ground music.. triumph!) Macaron is nice.. I’ve been making some but didn’t turn up as nice. They say need to practice before these babies turn perfect, so practice I will. Actually the ingredients are not many (almond powder, sugar and white eggs) and quite easy to make, it’s the technique that I have yet to master. Hopefully soon I could share them on the blog (without looking like they were hit by the truck!) and some with BITC during the meeting! 🙂

    p.s. Aria is adorable!


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