An announcement

I just recently found out that I was expecting and we welcomed the news with open arms. Although I had the strong feeling that I really was pregnant, I had to check twice before making the announcement.

The chubby hubby, although excited with the prospect of having another male (hoping that it’s a boy) in the house, wanted to be absolutely sure so he made me pee on a stick twice- one on a cheap brand and another on a little more expensive brand. When the results came out positive the second time, he asked me, “did you read the instructions for this one? It might mean the oposite. Two lines might mean you’re not pregnant.”

Told him that I know my pregnancy tests and I know when I really am pregnant. But I made him read the instructions himself and then he laughed and gave me and Aria a hug.

When I made the announcement by posting the picture of the pregnancy test result on facebook, and probably got the most likes of all the pictures I posted, I thought of how peculiar it is when you really think about it. My most popular FB post is a picture of a stick I just peed on.



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