Working on my buzz card- DIY BUSINESS CARD

I knew I needed to work on my business card since I was already serious about expanding my blog. I didn’t want to get some printed professionally though since I might keep changing the face of my blog a lot until I settle down in my dot com. So when the time was necessary to have my business cards, I then decided to go the DIY route. I didn’t want to go and buy any more materials and just used what I had with me. I ended up using scrapbook paper I bought on sale at Pretty Paper Studio. I then cut that up into business card sizes.

I wanted my blog header and my business card to match so I redid my page to what it is today.

Stuff by Rhey header
my new header

And used the same font for my business card header with my details. I printed that on sticker paper and stuck it to onto my scrapbook paper.

Scrapbook paper cut into business card sizes
The back side of my buzz card

Oh please ignore the nailpolish!

scrapbook paper business card
The front of my buzz card with my details

What I love about the effect is that I have colorful prints on both sides! It is just soo me!


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