The Opening of the Noon Boutique Hotel Apartments- art, interiors and canapes

Even if I haven’t practiced anything related to architecture for more than 2 years now, my love for anything related to it has never diminished. When I got the invite for the opening of the first ever boutique hotel in Dubai, the little architect in me started making cartwheels. It was an opportunity for me to be surrounded by the stuff I love- art and beautiful interiors. Something that I have been subconsciously craving. My fellow blogger who is also an architect, Kenneth of, also got the invite so we both decided to go together (you can see his blog about the event here).

Noon boutique hotel boasts of being the first of its kind in the region. Three Arabic artists contributed to the concepts of the interiors each one bringing an element of their personal style. Although their designs were confined to only a few things in each room, the details are pretty much evident with what little they were allowed to work with. The hotel also boasts of a gallery on the mezzanine floor, which already houses a few paintings by the artists.

Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments- wallpaper
I love this wallpaper. I would use it on an accent wall in my own house.
Noon art boutique hotel apartments- window and lighting elements
The windows and the lighting fixtures depict the different concepts of each artist.
Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments- drape design embroidery
Even the embroidery in the drapes showed the concept of the artists for the rooms they designed.

What I really appreciated that night were the artists working live in the lobby. It’s always inspiring to be around artistic people doing their craft.

Noon Hotel opening- artist doing a portrait of a photographer
An artist doing a portrait of a photographer… probably after he took his picture
Noon boutique hotel apartments- live artists during the opening
One of the live artists at the lobby
Noon Boutique hotel opening- a live artist painting the Dubai Skyline
An artist painting the Dubai skyline

We ended the evening with socializing at the gallery. There was a band that provided Arabic music for entertainment. And ofcourse, we munched on the overflowing trays of canapes.

Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments- artwork, paintings, canvases
The Artwork around the hotel and the gallery

This is the perfect place for artists and creatives to stay when visiting Dubai. The interiors and the gallery will surely provide you with inspiration to keep those creative juices flowing.

Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments
Al Barsha, Dubai


7 thoughts on “The Opening of the Noon Boutique Hotel Apartments- art, interiors and canapes”

  1. I am not too artistic but I love to go around museum or art gallery and give my 2 cents comments like a pro LOL! Looks like an interesting even.. By the way, rach, I like this new blog design! I need to re-vamp mine badly..

    Mrs Jack of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE


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