Post-Anniversary musings

February is the love month for me and my chubby hubby not just because of V-Day but also because we celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 13th. I know how cheesy it sounds that we got married during this time, but I had legitimate reasons that involved scheduling conflicts with my family as I once shared here. Anyhoo, I have been bugging Frank about spending some time out of the city for this year’s celebration but because of scheduling (and budgeting) conflicts, we didn’t get the chance to.

Apart from that, my baby booger and I went down with the bug and she got hit hard. Been at the hospital twice because of Aria’s fever spiking and as a first time mom, worst case scenarios kept flashing through my head. Will my daughter get too sick because I didn’t take care of her well enough? Is it my fault that she’s sick? Will I lose her? Yes, the thought of losing my precious daughter did occur to me as I watched her lie helpless on the hospital bed. I know it was a bit over that I thought about that, but I did. And I couldn’t help it because I love her so much.

baby lying in the hospital bed, sick baby
Sick Baby 😦

She’s back to normal now, although once in a while she gets a low grade fever, but her demeanor has gone back from lifeless-I’m-so-sick to hyper-I-want-to-exercise Aria, which is both a good (coz she’s well) and not so good (coz she’s started running all over the house) thing.

With our focus all on the little bub, our Anniversary (and Valentines Day) has taken a back seat. We’ve only been married for four years and we’re already preoccupied with everything else but us. But I’m glad Rainbow Steakhouse helped us celebrate- even in just a little way.

Chocolate wedding annniversary cake from Rainbow Steakhouse
Anniversary cake from Rainbow steakhouse

2 thoughts on “Post-Anniversary musings”

    1. Thanks Pia. She’s a lot better now. The fever has subsided and she has started playing again. She still has a cold though. But I guess that will take some time to go away because of the ever changing weather.


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