Craving for more of MORE

I work at the Financial center area but seldom eat at the restaurants there. Believe me, it takes all self will and determination to not spend all my hard earned salary on food. I am a foodie… but one who tries her best to be a thrifty one. And I only have a daily budget of less than AED 10 to spend on the salad bar at Choithrams. So far, Ive been a good girl. Yay! Go me!

The other day, when a friend asked me out to lunch, I immediately started making virtual lists of where I’d like to eat… There was just so many to choose from, but MORE which was right beside Choithrams was one place I knew I had to go to. So me and my friend, Joy met there and I felt giddy and excited just at the thought of eating there.

I’ve eaten there once before but I seriously do not remember how long ago that was.

Butter Chicken from MORE DIFC
My butter chicken from MORE
Nasi Goreng from MORE DIFC
Joy’s Nasi Goreng…. that peanut butter sauce was a WOW

It was a good meal. The service was great, the company incomparable. I wished lunch break lasted for 2 hours. Then I would have had time for dessert and more stories.

Till next time Manang Joy! 🙂

my beautiful manang joy
Lunch is on you next time Rachel! :)- Joy

6 thoughts on “Craving for more of MORE”

  1. I was talking to my husband one day about what ifs.. What if I was single and live in Dubai.. I think I would eat shawarma morning day and night and safe lots of $$$ 😉 But with this place selling nasi goreng (one of the typical dishes from my country) I would ditch shawarma and go for nasi goreng!


    1. OOH YES. They have really good nasi goreng. I ate my friend’s leftovers! But I really don’t know how it’s suppose to taste like. I use to like YUM, in Radisson Blue Creek, Deira. But its been ages since I last ate there.


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