The kind of cruelty that the weather brings- and a baby in pink tiger stripes

Winter in the desert was always my favorite season. Not only can I wear scarves or shawls without sweating buckets, I can also wear those fashionable coats when going out without looking stupid. And hats. who doesn’t like having an excuse to wear hats?

The weather also brings stuffy noses, migraines from the cold, cough and the seasonal flu. My daughter and I have been bitten by the flu bug. Yes, us tropical people have tropical blood and the slight change of temperature will light our noses up like Rudolph on a snowy night. My husband keeps complaining about sinusitis, a constant excuse he uses to get out of housework. oh yes, the weather also brings another anomaly- the cranky husband!

You know im kidding right? (a disclaimer in case Frank gets to read this)

But even the cold weather can’t stop babies from being cute. Even with a runny nose, my Aria and her cute (and donated) outfits just light up my day.

baby outfit of the night, pink tiger striped onesie
Aria’s outfit for one evening… reminds me so much of Tiggr (but in pink). Even I want a onesie!

5 thoughts on “The kind of cruelty that the weather brings- and a baby in pink tiger stripes”

      1. It was a gift, from a friend who came back from London.Why don’t you have one? It’s a must in your wardrobe! I’m sure Mrs. Jack of All Trades will agree with me. LOL.

        Let’s have a pajama party and I’ll wear it. I sh*t you not! Lol.


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