The Murmurings of a commuter…

My first miscarriage happened after taking the MRT on a Tuesday night. They didn’t have ladies carts during those times. Although the train wasn’t that crowded it was always standing room during rush hour. On top of being tired from working, while on the train, nobody offered to let a pregnant woman sit. I went home bleeding, had a sleepless night, and the next day my baby had no heartbeat.

I have an issue with the people who use the MRT. I wished there were guidelines you have to read before taking the train and if you do not comply, you get evicted. It probably is a problem everywhere, the country is ofcourse a melting pot of all nationalities. And with all these nationalities come different cultures. And with all the different cultures come different attitudes that aren’t really that great.

First off, if you use public transport, you should make sure that you do not smell, therefore, a shower is essential. And ofcourse deodorant. With the temperatures going up to 50 deg C, you can’t help but sweat outside. If you have BO, dont put your hands up. Or put lemon on your armpits. It helps a bit… Summers always kill me. Especially when commuting on a train packed like a can of sardines… I know you can just imagine how that would be like…

Second, if you get in the cabin, find that there are no seats available, and you will be getting off after 3 or more stops, please DO NOT stand near the door. It’s always annoying to find the area near the door so jam packed and see that there is so much space inside. You cannot maneouver yourself to go to a less crowded space because you can’t get out of the crowded space. Everyone just wants to stand near the door. My train ride is always just two stops from work to home and most of the time, the people who are standing near the door when I get there, do not even leave before I get off. And I always find myself saying with my very well modulated voice, ‘EXCUSE ME!’ everytime I’m near my stop. To which most of everyone just looks at me and moves a little (without making much of a difference), probably afraid to lose their place in the VVIP area near the door.

Third, don’t talk REALLY LOUD on your phone the entire train ride. It’s just rude to think that disturbing everyone else’s peace to get an update on your friend’s lovelife is okay. It’s also worse when you are updating someone about your love life.

Fourth, let the pregnant woman sit- PLEASE! And that old lady. Or even that woman with the baby. It seems chivalry is dead these days…

Lastly, please let the people getting off get off before going inside the train. They already have that written on a sign somewhere at the station. I know everyone has read it, i am guessing only few understand it.

These are just my sentiments as a train user. I mean the bus crowd is probably the same… I probably break my own rules once in a while. If you see me, please let me know. I seriously do not mind.


6 thoughts on “The Murmurings of a commuter…”

  1. First off, the first few sentences were chilling. That must have been traumatizing and I’m really sorry for your loss. 😦

    Second, I did the same post before about the metro and the hilarious thing is – our sentiments are exactly the same!!! I will try to find that post and send it to you. :-p


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