And my daughter just started walking…

 Aria baby in green shirt from Max and striped pajamas from Carter's

I have been pushing Aria to get up her butt and start walking without assistance. I think she gets the laziness from her dad and the fear of failure from me which is why every time we let go of her hand she sits down and looks at us as if saying ‘what?!’ So yesterday while I was giving piano lessons to one of my students I was so surprised when she got up from where she was plopped down and started walking.

I started cheering and laughing and I swooped down to pick her up and give her a kiss. My student started clapping too. The next five minutes involved prodding Aria to walk again so that I could catch it on video. And she did again, without hesitation, with her arms thrust forward to the air in front of her. And she swayed like a zombie. A giggling giddy baby zombie.

My baby’s growing up. The next thing I know she’ll be dressing up for her first day at school. Maybe it’s time for baby number 2…


7 thoughts on “And my daughter just started walking…”

  1. Yay! Congrats Aria!! Sometimes babies hates limelight.. when nobody is watching then all the actions’ll start! And wow, you teach piano too? My sons just started lessons (both piano and guitar) with a tutor that comes to the house. In fact he lives near your area too. We called him Dann. You are truly a mother with many talents, dear 🙂


  2. So sweet! She is just adorable and those moments are so precious. I remember when both our kids started walking (which now feels like an eternity ago) and how special it was! Looking forward to see you again and also meet with sweet little Aria! xxx


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