MJ Immortalized by Cirque Du Soleil

If you were born in the 80s like me, you probably grew up with Michael Jackson. I remember my younger bro (who was more of a fan than me) belting out his songs and doing his dance moves. So when Cirque Du Soleil started advertising their new tour in Dubai which happened to be all about Michael Jackson, I KNEW I HAD TO GO!

I have been constantly telling my husband about it, and giving him subtle to very obvious hints that I NEED to watch this one. But he never really said yes. And as the day to the opening of the show started, I found myself worried that I would miss the circus  again this year.

So one night, a few days before the first show, while hubby was sleeping, I did something I’m not very proud of… Now kids, don’t try this at home… I took my husband’s card and bought tickets online.

I felt so guilty that I told him two days later. He didn’t really get mad. But as the day approached, he was as excited as I was.

We watched the Saturday 5PM show and as expected nobody is allowed to bring cameras and use your phones to take pictures and videos of the show. It’s annoying how some people just can’t follow simple instructions and a lot of the ushers had to walk around and tell people to stop using their phones. I didn’t have that problem coz my phone doesn’t have a camera. No temptation there for me.

The one thing I love about Cirque is their live music. Although, it was Michael Jackson’s voice doing most of the singing, the back up vocals and instrumentals were all live! The dancers were good and they had a dancer with one leg who was the most inspiring of all. I think he got the most applause. Him and the pole dancer. 🙂

My favorite act was really the pole dancer. LOL. That unbelievable muscle strength- pole dancing more than 20 ft above the ground. People were clapping non stop during her entire act with the MJ singing Dangerous in the background, I guess being in the middle east you don’t get to see pole dancers everyday.  The other act I really loved was the swinging couple doing stunts in the air. The last time I watched Cirque they were balancing on top of one another. Now they were flying across the big Trade Center hall to the duet of MJ and Siedah Garret’s ‘I just can’t stop loving you’.

I did miss the circus feel though. There weren’t a lot of stunts or circus things you usually see. I missed the kids throwing those round things that look like spindles with ropes like the first Cirque show I saw. But it was a good show with good music and great performers.

The show is on till the 14th so you can still go if you are looking for something worth while to watch. YOU SHOULD GO if you are a big MJ fan.

smooth criminal- pics taken from Virgin radio fb page.
I was waiting all night for this song- THRILLER!!! pics taken from Virgin radio fb page
pics taken from Virgin radio fb page

You can buy your tickets at ticketmaster.ae or right at the venue.

Cirque Du Soleil

Michael Jackson Immortal Tour
DWTC Hall, Shk Zayed Road


6 thoughts on “MJ Immortalized by Cirque Du Soleil”

  1. I watched the other Cirque show at Wolrd Trade Center too, the show was fantastic but the venue was absolute crap. I told myself that I will never ever watch anything held at the World Trade Center. How was it this time? The venue I mean. 🙂


    1. the venue was okay. they had lots of visual technical stuff going on. I missed Dralion but i caught two early ones (Allegria and Qidam). I liked the old venus kasi parang circus talaga, with tent and all. Smaller venue so even if you pay the cheapest ticket, it’s still a good seat.


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