Oh my word! Taking risks in 2014

Word of the year.

Every year, I have a word.

In 2012, the first year I started practicing this, it was CHANGE. That year involved two life changing events in my life. The first was the decision to stop working at a job that not only dragged me down, but also ate me up. Nothing felt as liberating as those last few seconds ticking away on my last day and as I stepped out of that office, the heavy cloud that has swallowed me up suddenly lifted. The second change that happened in my life was when I gave birth to my baby booger who now literally gives off her own boogers. Major changes. GREAT changes.

Last year it was GROW. And I do believe I did grow in 2013. As a mom- not a really great one, but atleast better than when Aria was born when i had no idea what to do. As an adult- learning to live within my means and facing challenges with better decisions. I use to be a pessimist at heart, but I am slowly starting to look at the brighter side of things. Am I better a person now? Maybe. I don’t know. 🙂

This year, i chose the word RISK. Frank and I are at that point in our lives when we need to start taking risks. We were both raised contrary to that, to play life safe. But we have been meeting so many people who have taken gigantic leaps in their lives and although they landed a little shaky at first, are now in better places. We want our kids to have better opportunities and to have more guts than we do. So its time for bigger changes. To take some chances. To face our fears and take that giant leap- of faith.


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