Resolutions Reshmolutions

Before I slept New Years Eve Early Morning, I was thinking of the many changes I would like to try out implement in 2014. Although I have a bucket list that I write everytime I add another year to my age, January seems to make me want to make another list I would probably not do. I have stopped making resolutions more than a year ago. I never keep them. I just blurt them but come January 2, everything on the list gets violated. And I think change for the good should be done all the time, no matter what month or day it is.



2014 feels like a promising year. A year of changes, a year of better things. 2013 was interesting… Nothing major except for my parents retirement. It was also a VERY hard year for both me and my husband. We were struggling and getting by every month but God has been good, and we never went to sleep hungry. 2014 is so FULL of possibilities. Hopefully we will travel this year to some place new. I hope I will finally skydive or bungee. I hope I will be able to make macarons from scratch.

I can’t share it right now, but things are in the works that will involve MAJOR changes. As a woman, I hate that I can’t tell anybody about it. But atleast, I have my Frank who I can share the anxieties with. I hope he doesn’t become a grumpy old man who doesn’t talk to me. I hope as we grow older, we’ll also grow as great friends. It’s funny that I worry about that. I just know real friendship is not a given and we both need to work on it.

In 2014, I want to make two resolutions, one that involves my health and another one that involves my blog. This year, I want to eat more greens. More salads. I have started to teach Aria to eat her veggies and right now she doesn’t have any qualms. But I know when she grows old and she doesn’t see us eating greens, she probably won’t either. I have also started gaining weight since I started working. So I need to lessen the meat and eat more veggies.

With regards to my blog, this year, I will finalize my move to a [dot] com. Right now I am posting on both wordpress and my webpage at the same time… Mitzie Mee shared that I will probably lose a lot of readers but will gain more essential ones in the process. I am not really worried much about readers. What I would like to keep are the friends I made through this blog. I think they are the ones that matter the most.

4 days in to the year and I am still optimistic… I just need to face each day with a smile.


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