Sushi Art- the art of eating sushi like peanuts

happy times.

I was craving for sushi the other day and thought of taking my friend Rysh out to dinner to a Japanese restaurant to satisfy the craving and to celebrate her birthday. Why not hit two birds with one stone right? We first thought of trying out ICHO at the Radisson on Sheikh Zayed Road but decided against it because we were both SOOO hungry and looking at their online menu, the prices were waaay above budget that I thought we might go home starving if we go and eat there. We thought of going somewhere close and since Frank hasn’t been to DIFC which was a 5 minute drive away, we all decided to go there and see which restaurant we could try out.

DIFC view from the Al fresco dining area on the second floor

DIFC had two Japanese restaurants in the vicinity. The first one was YO! Sushi, which was located on the second floor and had a beautiful view of the Gate building. It was quite chilly outside and Aria had a really bad cough so we decided to go to Sushi Art which was on the ground floor. It was the first time for both of us to try the place and the interiors boast of typical minimalist contemporary Japanese- with lots of wooden elements, black decor and japanese lanterns.

We ordered the Classic Black Box Platter which was basically a box with 54 pieces of Salmon, Tuna and Shrimp sushi ,Salmon Avocado spring rolls, Mango Rainbow rolls, Cheese Cucumber maki, Spicy Tuna maki, Spicy Tuna Gunkan, Salmon Avocado California rolls and Salmon roll, and an order of Mochi- which included 1 chocolate and 1 strawberry.

The sushi was so good that we couldn’t stop stuffing ourselves. I thought 27 pcs of sushi might be too much for both of us, but we found ourselves with an empty box less than an hour later. We ate them like they were peanuts. My personal favorite was the Spicy Tuna Gunkan and the Mango Rainbow Roll. As for the Mochi, I loved the chocolate flavored one (not a big surprise). I am not sure how mochi’s are suppose to be, but theirs was ice cream filled.

Ice cream filled mochi

I would definitely go back to try their other platter it’s a little bit more pricier, but if it’s as good as their classic box, it would be worth it!

Aria saying ‘where’s my sushi?!’

All pictures taken with Rysh’s iphone 5s.



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