Happy New Year friends!

I had no idea how I’d write my last post for 2013. I suck at summarizing. But here is my 2013 in a nutshell…


went crazy upcycling old jars

Got my replacement Silhouette Cameo… after a LOONG time! Thank you so much Silhouette America!
Adjusting to the whole motherhood thing was hard. Babies are really a handful!


How about letters for decorations?

My dad left Dubai for good.
Started with handlettering.

Won a dozen cupcakes from maison sucre
Helped my friend make her bridesmaids card


Peanut butter cream cake

Eraserheads gave a major concert here but I didn’t get to watch
Got hooked on Candy crush

Got to taste Jeff de Bruges for the first time
Husband decides to move to a ‘closetless’ room in Satwa

Broke my laptop. 😦

Still without a computer


my first successful tiramisu

Mom buys me a laptop.
Discovered the biggest pizza in Dubai!



Found success with CHEESECAKE!
Found a(n effective) working solution for our closet dilemma
Made matching dresses for me and Aria


Ground beef with beans and kangkong

Got a temp job for a month.
Dissapointed with my birthday Macarons from Knightsbridge café
Had my first kaya toast at Ya kun in Ibn Battuta with foodies and bloggers


the beautiful lamb chops from Bennigans

Haiyan (Yolanda) hits the Philippines and we all do as much as we can in every way we can
We remember Aria’s birth exactly a year after.
Got extended till April at work.

Aria’s first birthday party.

Hoping for a busier and more productive 2014! Happy New Year friends!


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